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Spring and Ayurveda at Scarlet

Written by Nat Louis

Often referred to as ‘The Science of Life’, Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic wellbeing, with roots in India over 5,000 years old. By focussing on achieving balance within the body, mind and spirit, it is the belief that this promotes overall health and wellbeing.

We buy into many of the philosophies initiated by Ayurveda, and as such every spa treatment at Scarlet begins with a consultation for our Ayurvedic trained therapists to gain an understanding of each guest and their dosha type.

To learn more about Dosha Types and your dosha type, see our Introduction To Ayurveda journal.

Spring is recognised as a significant season shift in Ayurveda, as it is a transitional change from the cold and heavy qualities of winter into the warmer and lighter qualities of summer. During this shift, there is a natural increase in the Kapha dosha, which can lead to imbalances such as lethargy, congestion, allergies and weight gain if not managed properly.

During winter we typically will move less and eat more, or heartier meals, this intensifies our Kapha dosha, but can aggravate any Vata dosha types.

Ayurveda recommends that during the spring we make the following changes to stay balanced and healthy:

  • Dietary Adjustments – Favor lighter, warmer and drier foods during spring, which will help to counteract the heavy, colder qualities of Kapha. Look to incorporate lots of seasonal fruit, veg, whole grains, legumes and strong spices.
  • Exercise and Movement – Regular physical activity helps to stimulate circulation, improve digestion and release stagnation from the colder winter months. Embrace the spring, sea air with light jogging, hiking or even outside yoga during these months.
  • Stay Hydrated – Make sure you’re taking in fluids, warm water and herbal teas will help to flush out toxins and maintain hydration, whilst avoiding too much cold or iced drinks which can aggravate a Kapha imbalance.
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management – As obvious as this may seem, relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing and aromatherapy will help promote mental clarity and emotional balance during this transitional phase. Often people will use spring as the time to make big changes in their life; mindfulness and stress management are key to thriving during this time.
  • Sleep Hygiene – As the seasons shift, and lifestyles can swing, maintaining a regular sleep schedule allows you to get consistent, good sleep nightly. By doing this, you create a great routine to build your daily life from. Avoid over stimulating yourself close to bed time as well as heavy meals, and create a calming bedtime routine, allowing yourself time to rest, and unwind from your day.

How does this fit into a spa day? An excellent question, during this time stimulating the senses is likely to help balance your dosha type if you feel lethargic, tired or sluggish. Opting for a scrub may invigorate you and balance you, our Hammam chamber is a perfect option, whether you share the experience together or opt for a therapist-led Hammam experience. Alternatively, for someone who is struggling with feelings of anxiety, unsettled or agitation may be experiencing a Vata imbalance, in which case the slow sweeping motions of our Sarvanga treatment may be perfect for grounding and recentring these feelings.

By honouring this shift in season, and making small changes to your lifestyle, you allow your dosha to remain in balance moving into the warmer months.


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