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Challenging Perceptions - Ayurvedic Inspired Treatments

Written by Nat Louis

The word therapist comes from Latin, therapīa which literally translates to ‘curing’ or ‘healing’. Combining this with the holistic approach of Ayurveda; to investigate the source of the issue instead of treating the immediate pain. Our Ayurvedic inspired therapists’ aim is to help you and your body discover areas of you and your body that hold tension and need to be stilled, through care so you can reset and heal.

As a spa hotel offering a wide range of treatments and experiences, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is the decision to not include a ‘sports massage’ in our treatment menu. It isn’t because our team aren’t trained in sport massage therapy or a lack of resources in this department.

The reason our guests have chosen Scarlet is to take time to relax and reset, to take a break from the excitement and rush of busy, modern life and to spend time immersed in luxury and nature and our spa treatments are aligned with this.

At the start of your treatment at Scarlet, our therapists will spend time with you, going through an Ayurvedic consultation to take the time to understand the issues you are facing and to discuss how you’d like to feel after your treatment. Spending this time with you, and their extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, our therapists are best prepared to give you the treatment your body needs on the day which isn’t always the treatment you may be used to, or expect.

The tension you hold in your muscles, can be treated by stretching the musculoskeletal system and by using breathwork to relax your mind and body as our therapists take you on a journey, away from the stress your store in your aching muscles and toward the calm relaxation you seek at Scarlet.

Typically, a physiotherapist or sports masseuse will see you over a period of weeks, months or even years consecutively to help you overcome your injury. As your therapist will only see you once or twice while you are with us, we cannot necessarily 'fix' the route cause pain in one session, what we can do is allow you to forget where the aches and pains are by treating these areas through heat, touch, and the natural movements of our therapists. As well as giving you the holistic tools to prevent illness and injury in the future from your diet, lifestyle, and natural movements.