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Scarlet's Guide to Being Barefoot

Written by Nat Louis

Once a common practice for humans, barefoot walking and running has recently resurfaced as a popular trend for mental and physical wellbeing enthusiasts. In the digital age we live in, opportunities to reconnect with nature are few and far between for many, but here at Scarlet we relish every moment spent with our roots as time well spent.

Spending time with nature, removing barriers to the earth and connecting barefoot is a highly grounding experience, improving sleep routines as your circadian rhythm resets. Walking barefoot forces you to slow down, giving you more time to appreciate the beauty of everyday life; the waves rolling in, wind blowing through the grass and or flowers in full bloom on the coast path.

By walking barefoot, you encourage a more natural gait and foot placement as well as strengthening your muscles, tendons and ligaments in your foot and ankle leading to less injuries and preventing common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and bunions.

The soles of our feet are full of nerve endings, an evolutionary change that perhaps is no longer utilised in daily life. When you take off your shoes, you remove your barrier to these nerve endings, allowing you to feel the different surfaces and textures, enhancing your sensory awareness and improving your proprioception.

Rocks, uneven surfaces and natural imperfections in the earth work similarly to massage therapy, boosting blood flow in your feet and lower leg muscles. The increased circulation of red blood sells reduces risk of varicose veins and contributes to improving overall cardiovascular health.

During your stay at Scarlet why not leave your shoes in the room and experience the benefits of braving to go barefoot. Push yourself to feel new sensations underfoot, prioritising your wellness and experience holistic health tricks to take home.


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