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Scarlet's Sleep Break

Written by Nat Louis

Introducing the Restorative Sleep Break, Scarlet's newest wellness break crafted to enhance meaningful relaxation and improve sleep patterns.

Embrace Tranquillity: A restorative escape to Scarlet Hotel.

Nestled on the rugged clifftops overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Scarlet offers a tranquil sanctuary for adults to disconnect for a moment. With a carefully curated array of wellness offerings, our coastal outpost welcomes guests to embark on a journey of wellbeing and self-care. The aim of our sleep package is to bring you back to feeling your best. To help bring the balance and rest back into your life that you've been missing for some time.

Grounding Rituals for Inner Peace

Our commitment to holistic wellness is evident in our selection of grounding rituals designed to nurture both body and soul. The Sarvanga treatment, a 90-minute oil-based experience, serves as a cornerstone of this ethos. Drawing upon ancient Ayurvedic practices, this sensory journey envelops guests in a cocoon of warmth, melting away tension and fostering a profound sense of calm.

Rejuvenation Through Nature

In a world filled with constant noise and distraction, the healing power of nature offers a welcome reprieve. The Scarlet Hotel invites guests to embrace the elements through immersive experiences such as the guided cold-water dip in the reed pool. This invigorating ritual serves as a healthy reset for the mind and body, awakening the senses and instilling a renewed sense of vitality.

Nourishment for Body and Soul

Wellness extends beyond the physical realm at The Scarlet Hotel, encompassing nourishment for both body and soul. After all, we are a product of what we consume, both physically and emotionally. Each evening we’ll bring you loose-leaf chamomile tea, perfect for slowing down, reducing feelings of anxiety and stress, and welcoming sleep.

Restorative Rituals for Sleep

In a world full of stimulation and external stressors, prioritizing restorative rest is essential for overall well-being. The bedtime breathing ritual, coupled with sleep aiding gifts such as a cozy blanket and soothing scents, prepares guests for a restful night, ensuring they awaken feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Embracing Mindfulness and Movement

Ayurveda suggests that as your mind is connected to your body, slowing down in the evening with a simple, calming flow yoga will increase your chances of good, restful sleep as you’ve allowed your body to prepare for rest and will in turn allow you to switch off from your day and relax. We’ll leave yoga mats in your room for you to enjoy your own practice in the evenings.


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