Top tips for a lovely foot massage

By May 7, 2015SPA

A little foot massage goes a long way when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Massaging your whole foot – your heel, instep, arch, toes etc – can spread the relaxing effects to your entire body. So, a gentle and fluid massage of the soles of your feet, arches and toes could help to soothe your entire nervous system.

Getting into the habit of giving (or even better, receiving) a gentle foot massage every day when you get ready for bed can help to support you through periods of stress, aches and pains, and the strain of an overly busy mind.


Sit on a chair and roll a golf ball around under your foot. Move your foot over the golf ball, rolling it up and down your arch for half a minute. Then roll the ball around in circles under your foot for another 30 seconds. Adjust the pressure and direction of the golf ball for areas of your feet that feel achy. Repeat on the other foot.


Sit in a chair and hold the palm of your hand against the arch of your foot and feel the comforting sensation. This can be a very grounding touch to use on yourself.


If you are feeling tired (and emotional), try using gentle circular motions to massage your way around your ankle using your fingertips.


Bathe your feet in Epsom salts if you have swollen feet or ankles, or aches and pains.

For a professional foot massage, take a look at our Scarlet Foot Ritual including a deeply relaxing foot bath with exfoliating salt scrub, a foot wrap and massage of the lower legs and feet to really soothe your soul.