The Scarlet guide to Palentine’s Day

The scarlet guide to palentines day

Palentine’s or Galentine’s day are quite simply a celebration of friendship, and some would say an antidote to the romantic pressure of February 14th .  This relatively new ‘holiday’ has stemmed from a recognition that just as Valentine’s celebrates romantic love between two people, Palentine’s celebrates friendship and dedicates a day of the year to the most important people in your life.

“The people that know everything about you, and love you anyway…”

Whether or not you are celebrating Valentine’s day with a special someone this year, don’t forget your pals on February 13th  which is an ideal excuse to get together with your closest friends.

The Scarlet guide to celebrating Palentine’s day

1. The gift of time

We believe the best gift you can give to anyone is your time.  Time spent with friends is never time wasted and can benefit you both.  Re-connecting, talking and listening to the ones who know you well helps relieve stress and foster a sense of community around you.

2. Gift from afar

If you can’t see your pals on Palentine’s this year, how about sending them a token to let them know you are thinking of them?  From a video message, an unexpected bunch of flowers sent to their office, or the gift of an experience you can both enjoy direct into their inbox – any of the above are sure fire ways to put a smile on your best friend’s face.

3. Spa day

There’s a reason the spa day never fails to forge friendships. There is an art of being able to relax quietly in each other’s company and enjoy a conversation with your guard down, which is helped immeasurably after the therapist has massaged out every bit of lingering stress.  Finding a way to reconnect without distraction can be hard to find, so time out in the spa together is ideal for restoring the bonds that made you so close in the first place.

The Scarlet spa has a range of spa days and taster evenings starting from just £40 per person.

Alternatively, our Spend Time Together Day Escape is a wonderful opportunity to relax in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the company of your friend. Unwind in a cliff top hot tub before enlivening the senses with your choice of bathing ritual.

4. Afternoon tea

The tradition of the afternoon tea is to bring people together over wonderful food and drink.  The surprise and delight of handmade individual cakes and sandwiches is perfect for sharing with friends, family and loved ones alike.

Here at the Scarlet it is our intention to ruffle the normality of this auspicious ceremony with our quintessentially Scarlet selection of teas, freshly made cakes and pastries. This is an ideal way to take your time, enjoy the view, savour the flavours and simply be – perfect for Palentine’s day.

Find out more about the Scarlet Afternoon Tea.

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