Scarlet book club: February 2015

The majority of members turned up last week to talk about Mr Foote’s Other Leg by Ian Kelly, which made for a very lively discussion and the need for extra chairs!

This was a biography of Samuel Foote, a friend of the famous and Royalty in the eighteenth century, an instigator of the cult of celebrity, stand – up comedy and satire, the tradition of pantomime, advances in prosthetic limbs and psychology, as well as many other things, but who is today generally unknown. There was also an interested connection with Cornwall as Foote had grown up in Truro, his father being a lawyer there.

All agreed it was a fascinating tale, although only one member had actually read the complete book, and many members had struggled with it. This was thought to be due to the richness of detail and language in the book – there was just so much information! It was felt that this was a book that needed commitment as it demanded to be read in large chunks so that the reader could immerse themselves in the story. However, after discussing the book, some members were encouraged to continue reading it. Some members felt that this book would be a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the Georgian period or the history of theatre, but that, maybe, it wasn’t a suitable book for book club because of its intensity.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 26 March when the book under discussion will be The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

New members are always welcome – if you wish to know more, please email Judith at: