Nothing can bloom all year

By December 14, 2020WINTER

Tips for leaning into hibernation and rest 

In spring, the bulbs we lovingly placed into the earth way back in the autumn come alive. And so do we. Our diaries begin to fill with engagements – be it Easter celebrations, May weddings or garden parties. In summer, the days are l o n g. Sunshine drenched afternoons and balmy evenings cry out for a whole host of after work jollity. 

However the above may not apply to this year, as it hasn’t played out like we thought it would. In 2020 our world and each season’s greetings have been turned upside down, but in the run up to Christmas, are you feeling just as tired as usual? Suffering from a sort of warmer month comedown? The emotional toll of this unusual year isn’t to be ignored. But the good news is that as always, winter is coming (yes, it’s good news!), and its purpose still applies. 

During the winter months, muddy seeds slowly grow and form under the soil’s cover. And maybe we’re the same. Maybe we also need a few months of deeper rest, hidden away from the world, finding time to slow down and hibernate. Pull on woolly socks, stoke the fire and enjoy an artisanal hot chocolate. Of coursewe all still have busy lives to lead, but it’s important to weave in moments of rest, and here’s a few pointers on how you can take some downtime, and blossom when ready… 

It’s OK to say no 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, practice the art of saying no. A little self-preservation can go a long way. If pounding the streets during some post-work Christmas shopping with a friend fills you with dread, politely decline and shop online in the warm instead! (Of course, we recommend you still #shopsmall). 

Do like the mammals do 

Hibernating animals have got it all figured out. They makes themselves a cosy cave, and they stay there! Curled up in the warm, waiting for spring. Whilst going into hiding for months might not be realistic, we do encourage making your habitat somewhere you can retreat to at any given moment. Treat yourself to a lovely blanket, find your hot water bottle, pull out the winter quilts, light some candles.

Get more sleep 

Where possible, retire a little earlier. Your body needs help adjusting to the change in weather, and building its defences to help fight off the common cold. Be kind to your immune system, by getting more Z’s!

Step away from the digital 

Unplug. Upturn your phone, avoid the internet, turn off all notifications. Take some time to ‘just be’. 


Something your phone can be useful for is guided meditation. We personally like the Buddify app – its guided meditations are accessible and can help you to build a daily practice which works for you.


Strike a balance which works for you, between being active and resting. Reward yourself with a bath after an evening jog. We’re not made to keep going and going. 

If you’d like to book yourself in for some hibernation in our Cornish haven, we recommend our Winter Wellness break