New Year’s Resolutions to celebrate you

By December 21, 2017WINTER

Resolutions traditionally seem punishing: abstinence from the finer things in life, gruelling exercise, stopping your favourite habits – and they rarely last long, leaving you a little deflated. And punishing resolutions in one of the coldest, and darkest months of the year makes them particularly hard to keep.

Instead, why not focus on resolutions that are positive, life affirming and joyful – making them easier to keep and giving you the feeling of success from day one. Here are some of our ideas for creating exciting resolutions that will make sure the year ahead is one of promise and positivity!

A list of loveliness

Write a list of things you want to achieve with the year: people you want to see, books you want to read, places you want to visit, new things you want to try – and keep it close to you, so whenever you have a free weekend, you quickly fill it with something lovely. Before you know it, your year will be filled with wonderful experiences, people and laughter, rather than the doldrums of everyday life.

A single focus

Give yourself a little time before the year begins: to give yourself some focus. Often we drift through life a little aimlessly. Instead, decide what the most important thing is that you want to achieve this year. Maybe your job is no longer being fulfilling – make your aim to change your job this year. Maybe you feel like you haven’t spent enough quality time with your loved ones – put regular dates in the diary to really focus on them. Or maybe you want to achieve a life long ambition: finishing that book you always wanted to write, taking a sabbatical to go travelling, taking up horse riding. Whatever it is – make this year the year you make it.

A year of wellbeing

Decide that this year you focus on being a healthier you mentally and emotionally – not just physically. Spend time on the things that make you happy, that give you something back. Maybe that’s getting into the open air and going for a long walk, spending an afternoon in the kitchen cooking nutritious, wholesome food, having a spa treatment once a month, taking up meditation. Loving yourself is so important – we spend so much time looking after others, that we often forget about ourselves.

Giving back

Resolve to give back to others this year. It doesn’t need to be a big thing, decide that every day you’ll give someone a compliment, smile at strangers, buy a Big Issue every time. We can often feel hopeless amongst all the hardship and difficulties in the world – but we can actually make a big difference just with the little things. Getting involved with neighbours and in our local community can really help ourselves and others to feel happier and more content, so maybe do a little volunteering, arrange a picnic for your neighbours, or invite others in for a coffee.


Any finally, as you tick off your little achievements – be sure to give yourself a reward every now and then, you deserve it!