Natural, organic and biodynamic wine

By April 14, 2014FOOD & DRINK

Stay or dine with us during April, and celebrate Real Wine Month with us.

Natural wine is an up and coming movement and Real Wine Month is just a few years old. But we believe you’ll really enjoy taking part in this nation-wide homage to those artisan makers who pour their passion for achieving the purest possible articulation of terroir, fruit or vintage into producing natural, biodynamic and organic wines.

“For us, exploring natural wine with our guests is about creating greater continuity of experience for them,” says Meeche Hudd, who heads up all things food and drink here at the Scarlet.

“We’ve always been passionate about the artisan quality and ethos of the food we serve here. Offering a range of high quality natural wines allows our guests to continue that experience when it comes to what we’re pouring into their glass. So much of the food we serve has a story behind it, a provenance. We want our guests to have that same experience with their wine.

“The natural wines we stock are lovingly-produced in tiny batches and have been nurtured by their makers every step of the way. You’ll be able to taste that in every sip.”

Just one, wonderful example of a quality natural wine that delivers is Gonzalo’s Gonzalo Gran Cerdo Rioja 2012 made from the Tempranillo grape.

Gonzalo Gonzalo is fiercely protective of the terroir of his family vineyards, and rejects market driven fashions, formulae, chemical treatments and conformism. Instead, he has sought out his own methods with respect for the land, his vineyards, and the traditions of his forefathers.

Gonzalo was profoundly influenced in his choice of viticultural methods by the fact that his father fell seriously ill from years of daily exposure to chemical fertilizers when tending to their vineyards in the 1970s. The soil and vineyard ecosystem also suffered with wild flowers, insects, earth worms and snails no longer present as they were just two generations ago.

Going back to natural ways of growing has restored the vitality of the vineyards. However, this bring various hazards with it such as mildew, mould and other pests which Gonzalo treats with a number of creative, natural solutions as they were used in the past to maintain his healthy vineyards.

The 100% Tempranillo vineyards were planted 35 years ago in the town of Fuenmayor in the La Trejera subregion. Gonzalo and his helpers Teresa and Fernando tend the vines methodically with perfection in mind, following the lunar cycle in both the vineyard and the winery. The grapes are whole bunch fermented and finished with no filtration, no stabilisation, and very minimal sulphur.

If you would like to have a taste and find out more, see what we are doing to celebration Real Wine Month this April.