Natural hangover cures

By December 8, 2015SPA

Prepare for the festive party season with some natural hangover cures. Researchers agree that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that there are any fail safe ways to cure or prevent a hangover – other than to moderate your alcohol intake. But even the most sensible amongst us may find ourselves overdosing on the mulled wine and eggnog during the party season – it is Christmas after all.

So here are our favourite Scarlet hangover cures to help you feel a little better the morning after, or at least to provide you with some comfort:


Firstly, try to stay curled up in bed for as long as you can. Aim for eight hours sleep after your Christmas party to help your body repair itself. If you find yourself wide awake early the next morning – try an afternoon nap after some re hydration and healthy snacks. Curling up in one of our hanging pods in the Scarlet spa works perfectly.


Dehydration is the main hangover culprit. You’ll need to replace all that water you lost from the alcohol (aim to drink the same amount of water as alcohol). You can try to do this on the night in question – drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. On the morning after try some green or ginger tea to help with your headache and nausea and coconut water to replenish the electrolytes your body has lost.

Green juices

Start your day with an alkaline, detoxifying green juice which is easy on your digestive system. Try this Super Green Juice recipe full of vitamins and minerals from spinach, avocado and zingy lime.

Healthy foods

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On the morning of a hangover you can often find yourself reaching for comfort foods – a traditional fry up, slabs of chocolate and strong coffee. Instead fill your plate with a healthy salad of leafy greens and toasted nuts and seeds rich in magnesium to relieve your headache and leave you feeling fresh.

Spa day

Use your hangover as an excuse for a spa day. Sweat our your hangover in the steam room or sauna, and then plunge yourself into a cold pool (the Scarlet outdoor pool – or the sea – is perfect for this). Going from hot steam to cold water and back again is really rejuvenating, increases circulation and toxin elimination. As this will make you sweat, it is really important to drink lots of water throughout the process to keep you hydrated. You can also re-create this at home with a a hot steamy bath, followed by a cold shower.


Finally, have a banana. Full of potassium and electrolytes they are also gentle on your stomach. We can vouch for a banana sandwich curled up in front of the fire, whilst the winter storm rages outside.