Mark’s #scarletmoment

By September 5, 2014#SCARLETMOMENT, WINTER

Our #ScarletMoment is that Narnia-like experience we’ve had every time we’ve passed through the hotel’s outer sliding doors, turned left and walked into the Scarlet’s completely different world of calm – all framed by the stunning view that is in front of you. Rain or shine, winter or summer.

“It really does feel like the weight of the world is lifted from you as you enter this new, secret and special place that feels as though it’s just for you.

“I remember the first time, arriving after a long drive, walking in to be greeted by the amazing view and the great smell. It being Christmas, it was a mixture of what I now know and love – and can place immediately as the wonderful relaxing Scarlet aroma – along with the tree and the sweet smokiness of the fire.

“I’ll always remember having a leisurely stroll on the beach, coming back up the hill and dropping onto one of the bean bags. Whilst there was a cacophony of sound from the sea, the people on the beach, the gulls it was so serenely quiet and totally relaxing.”