An interview with Jonny Fenner

By February 18, 2014FOOD & DRINK

Love good food and live for great music? Then book yourself lunch or dinner at one of the Scarlet’s mellow music menu dining sessions for the best in fresh, seasonal Cornish ingredients and musical talent.

On the menu for Sunday, 23rd February 2014 is an acoustic serving of singer-songwriter Jonny Fenner. Here, he talks to us about his music and describes the atmosphere of the Scarlet dining sessions.

“I live to write songs with soul, that tell stories of hope, that maybe people can relate to.

“The last time I did a big festival, I had a 14-piece band behind me, but this is just me and an acoustic guitar, so it’s incredibly stripped back. That’s always the way I write my songs in the first place, though, so it’s like going back to the beginning for me…except I get the added benefit of the beautiful Scarlet surroundings.

“I’m there to embellish your experience as a diner. It’s not a gig or a concert. People are there to have dinner, talk to each other, and spend time with whoever they’ve chosen to have their meal with. It’s very important that people feel able to have those conversations while I’m playing.

“What’s lovely is that every time I’ve played at the Scarlet, guests have come by afterwards to give me a nod or a thank you. That acknowledgement is really special. It’s very exposing, playing to a room full of people talking and eating, but there’s an intimacy about it that I love. It’s not like any other venue I’ve played. It’s a challenge.

“Most people, when they come to Cornwall and see someone with an acoustic guitar expect to hear some pop folk. Whereas I’m playing a soul of sorts with some blues in there too, which is quite hard to do acoustically, but I like the challenge.”

Tuck into a three course Sunday lunch for £25 or a three course evening meal for £42.50.

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