Hugh and Caitlin’s #scarletmoment

By September 5, 2014#SCARLETMOMENT

To celebrate our fifth birthday we are asking guests to share their favourite #scarletmoment with us. Share yours using the hashtag by posting to our Facebook Page or on Twitter and it will appear on our memories page.

Hugh’s story

“When we woke up on Caitlin’s birthday and had breakfast in bed, I gave her a mini iPad for her birthday present and she decided to take a picture of the beach with it from our balcony. When I heard the words ‘oh, someone called willy has written their name in really big letters on the beach and its ruining my picture’  my heart started beating three times faster, because I knew that it was soon going to say ‘will you?’.

“We headed to the indoor pool for a relaxing swim until it was time to take our cliff top hot tub. I had the engagement ring in the back pocket of my trunks – in hindsight, a silly idea but it was still there at the end of the swim, so we wont dwell on that.

“We couldn’t see the beach from the indoor pool, so I was safe, but we could see a lot of people on the balcony above waving at people below. And when Caitlin asked what I thought they were waving at I genuinely thought they were cheering on their friend who was catching some waves.

“Now, I realise they were directing the master raker of all sand messages!

“We were ushered out to our hot tub that looked out over the beach. At this point I think she was starting to understand what was going on and she got into the hot tub next to me and was silent. I asked her ‘do you know what’s happening?’ and she said ‘I think so’.

“So, I sank to the floor of the hot tub on one knee and asked her the words that were raked into the sand behind me: ‘Caitlin Will you marry me?’

“There were a lot of tears and giggles and more tears, and finally I got a splutter of a yes, at which point the champagne arrived and we sat enjoyed the blissful view, and planned our life together.”

Caitlin’s story

“The morning of my birthday, Hugh woke me up with a yummy room service breakfast and my birthday present, which was a mini iPad. I was so excited and bounded onto our balcony to take a photograph of the sea. Unfortunately someone named Willy had written his name massively across the bay. When I showed Hugh he seemed very relaxed!

“Afterwards, we swam in the pool, and I did comment on the a few of the staff that were on the balcony above waving down to the beach. Hugh explained that they must be cheering on the surfers, which I believed until a few minutes later when we were led to the outdoor hot tubs where I saw the full message.

“Not ‘Will’, but ‘Caitlin Will You Marry Me? The staff had cleverly decided to write Caitlin last, otherwise the surprise could have been ruined when I tried to take my photograph.

“Hugh revealed the most beautiful ring, which he had been hiding in his swim trucks. Champagne was immediately brought out to the hot tub, and the rest of the morning was a complete blur as I felt on top of the world to be engaged to my best friend…who is also the cleverest proposer.

“It was undoubtedly one of the best weekends of my life.”