Romantic Ways to Propose

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Spring, being the season of hope and new beginnings, seems a fitting time to pop the question. And, if you’re thinking of proposing, you may be worrying about how best to ask in a thoughtful and tasteful way that doesn’t fall into being awkward or formulaic. How do you say the words ‘will you marry me?’ in a way that truly reflects who you are as a couple?

Here is our guide to give you a little inspiration to make your proposal truly memorable for you both:

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Finding the perfect Christmas present

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Christmas shopping can seem like an enormous task sometimes – with the minefield of who to buy for, how much to spend and what to buy. But it shouldn’t be stressful – gift buying, wrapping and giving should be a joy. Begin with a list (and check it twice) with all those you want to buy for – and use out top tips below to plan your presents, before heading in to any shops. Many things can be purchased online, handcrafted in the warmth of your kitchen or purchased at a lovely local market – taking the stress (and crowds) out of your shopping experience.

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Foodie date ideas

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A dinner date is the classic romantic date. We believe that’s because the best part of the day is when delicious food and drink is involved. The anticipation throughout the day of a meal out with your loved one, the sky darkening outside as you get dressed up and the chance to really treat each other to something a little bit special.

But why wait until dinner time for a foodie-themed date? Do something a little different and spend some time with your other half devouring some tasty morsels at various times of day. Here are some of our enticing ideas to get you started…

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Summertime date ideas

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Savour the warmth of summertime and do something different with your loved one. With just a little preparation you can create a real date to remember – share a new experience together, spend time watching the sunrise, or just bathe in the sunshine. Here are a few of our ideas to get you started…

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Create your own garden cinema


Rather than depending on a public outdoor cinema event, why not create your very own outdoor cinema in your back garden? You can choose the film, pause it whenever you like, and choose the perfect clear evening – rather than battling through the summer’s drizzle. It can be quite simple, and makes for a very special date to treat a loved one with, or you could gather friends together after an early evening barbecue.

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Watching the sunset in Cornwall


Nothing quite beats the romance of watching the sunset. Each will be different – depending on where you are, the current weather and cloud formations. Taking the time out to simply sit and watch the natural occurrence that happens every day is incredibly calming, and good for the soul. The best sunset settings tend to be over water, with the golden reflections tinting each wave and puddle.

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Drop a hint

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If you fancy a Scarlet treat in your stocking this Christmas, let your loved ones know with our handy hint dropper. Choose which gift you would like – and we will do the rest.

Stargazing Date Ideas


Bedruthan Steps, just moments along the coast from us, has been awarded Dark Sky Discovery status making this beautiful stretch of coast the perfect place for gazing up at the stars.

Stargazing together is deeply romantic, free and, in this over-digitised age of ours, delightfully disconnected – leaving you and your lover free to reconnect with each other. So log off, pack up your stargazing kit and let Mother Nature take your breath away.

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Romantic Things to do in Cornwall in Winter


Cornwall in Winter has an enchanted air. There’s a beauty and magic to the white frosty fields and the mist that clings to the rivers in the morning. The summer crowds have gone leaving behind beautiful empty beaches, deserted cliff paths and quaint old pubs where there’s always a seat by the fire.

It’s empty, peaceful and still, leaving room for it’s mystical, romantic side to emerge. Winter is when mysterious, old Cornwall unfurls – the land of giants and mermaids, and legendary lovers like Lancelot and Guinevere and Tristan and Isolde.

If you’d like to discover the delights of Cornwall in Winter, here are a few ideas…

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