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The Grown-Ups Guide to Cornish festivities

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Cornwall is magical in the run-up to Christmas.

You can take bracing walks on beautiful, empty beaches. Explore one of our picturesque fishing village all a-twinkle with lights and get any last minute gifts you need at one of our festive markets.

There’s so much to do and see on a pre-Christmas break in Cornwall. Here’s our list of favourite festive events not to be missed:

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The Grown-Ups Guide to Winter Hibernation

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As soon as the clocks go back and the leaves on the trees start to fall, our thoughts turn to winter and the creature comforts of indoors. There’s such a joy in escaping home, kicking off your boots and warming up by the fire, watching the storms outside. The cold seems to encourage us to slow down to enjoy the simple pleasures of snuggling up indoors. Make your home even more comfortable with our guide to preparing for the cold season…

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The Grown-Ups Guide to Autumn

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Saying farewell to the warmth of summer can be upsetting, but with the glow of outdoor bonfires, beautiful Autumn produce, windswept walks and the crackle of log fires to look forward to – you’re spirits won’t be low for long. Celebrate the arrival of the new season with a few little luxuries and some warming treats with our Grown-Ups Guide to Autumn… Read More

Visit St Micheals Mount

The Grown-Ups Guide to Late Summer


Late summer and early Autumn is a beautiful time to experience Cornwall. The school holiday crowds have dispersed leaving all of our favourite places free to explore. The sea is at its warmest, perfect for an afternoon dip in the late summer sunshine. Early evening sunsets make the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner or a post-dinner stroll.

The first exciting signs of Autumn appear: the smell of bonfires and open log fires and leaves beginning to turn gold. And the chill in the air makes the steamy warmth of our cliff top hot tubs all the more inviting…

Here is our guide to make the most of the quieter side of Cornwall in late summer:

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The Grown-Ups Guide to open air entertainment

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Regardless of the unpredictability of our weather – we all love outdoor activities – from music festivals and clifftop weddings to the humble picnic. One of our favourite pastimes right now is open air theatre and cinema: packing up your favourite snacks and beverages, getting cosy on the grass with blankets and pillows and watching the sun go down in the fresh air. There is a thrill and excitement watching a great film or play in the open air – birds and insects flying around you, the warm breeze, and possible summer showers.

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Create your own garden cinema


Rather than depending on a public outdoor cinema event, why not create your very own outdoor cinema in your back garden? You can choose the film, pause it whenever you like, and choose the perfect clear evening – rather than battling through the summer’s drizzle. It can be quite simple, and makes for a very special date to treat a loved one with, or you could gather friends together after an early evening barbecue.

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