Balancing Vata for Autumn Health

Balancing Vata for Autumn Health

In Ayurveda, an ancient holistic health system, autumn is the season of the vata dosha – the subtle energy that governs movement. Literally translates as ‘wind,’ vata is dry and cold, moving in bursts.

When vata rises in autumn it can leave you feeling worn out, brittle, and susceptible to illness. If you’re experiencing dry skin, bad circulation, restless or fitful sleep, erratic routines, eating habits and bowel movements, constipation, or erratic thinking and a tendency to feel anxious, you may have excess vata.

To help balance an excess of vata, here are some handy tips:

Routine: Making a regular time each day for meals, work, play and sleep can hugely help with balancing vata. A routine will bring regularity to bowel movements, improve your sleep pattern and give a little structure to your day, alleviating uncertainty and reducing anxiety.

Warm Foods: Warming, hearty foods will help you feel grounded and nourished. Deliciously roasted root vegetables, stews, porridge and soups are a great way to help warm your cockles from the inside out. A dash of extra salt in your food can help to balance your vata, whilst hot water and lemon is wonderful for digestion and circulation.

Massage: Using warm oils such as organic sesame or coconut oil to massage into the skin not only moisturises, but is a wonderful way to boost circulation. Focusing on movements away from the heart and towards hands and feet will help if these areas particularly suffer with the cold. For a truly uplifting and invigorating massage, why not book yourself in for a spa treatment?

Nature: Wrap up warm and soak in the bright autumnal sunshine with brisk, bustling walks in nature. The fresh air and sunlight will boost your wellbeing by calming the mind and improving sleep.

Slow down: Autumn is a time to unwind from the playfully busy, high times of the summer. It’s time to restore and re-calibrate your energy, ready for those colder winter months. Honour the waning light of the days and take some well-deserved rest!