Autumnal Gardens at the Scarlet

By November 27, 2018AUTUMN, GREAT OUTDOORS

As the seasons change, so do the fauna and flora around us. We will be able to enjoy the beautiful shades of yellow, red or orange that greet us as we enjoy the wonders and benefits of the outdoors. Here are some of our gardeners, Luke and Rosie, favourite autumnal plants in our Scarlet gardens:

Rosmarinus prostratus – This creeping variety of rosemary is a crowd pleaser in the Scarlet garden! It’s loved by guests for its vibrant blue flowers and fragrant leaves. The chefs use it for its strong flavour and versatility in many dishes.

Verbena rigida – This plant is not as commonly used by gardeners as the tall and willowy Verbena bonariensis, but this low growing verbena with jewel-like colour is just as stunning. It self-seeds, which the pollinators love and it comes back every year reliably.

Erysimum ‘Bowles’s mauve’These beautiful bushy flowers provide months of colourful blooms from spring through till autumn.

Hebe veronica – Hebes can sometimes be underestimated in the garden and with a variety of species, colours and ability to thrive in many conditions, they are a must-have. Their flowers are beautiful and most importantly, pollinators love them.

Cyclamen hederifolium ‘alba’ – It is hard not to love these attractive perennials. The fragrance and sight of cyclamen bring a much-needed lift to the garden at a time when most other flowers are not looking their best. It was named as one of the RHS top 200 plants of the last 200 years.