Art exhibition: Seldom Seen

By June 1, 2015CREATIVITY

Our sister hotel, Bedruthan Hotel & Spa has recently launched a brand new gallery space next to its beautiful design shop. The first exhibition has recently opened called: Seldom Seen, an exhibition of contemporary abstract art by local artists.

Featured are painters, sculptors and ceramicists, each of whom captures the extraordinary colour, texture and light to be found and so often overlooked, in everyday objects, scenes and happenings.

While each artist takes a different starting point – smoke swirling from a chimney, the rusting hull of an old boat, or layers of paint peeling off an old door – they all end up fulfilling the principle put forward by the filmmaker Aaron Rose:

‘In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary’.

Open every day of the week between 9:30am – 5pm in Bedruthan Hotel, please feel free to pop in and browse the space.

Private View:

To launch the exhibition there will also be two private views on the evenings of the 11th June and 25th June where there will be a chance to meet the artists, complimentary drinks and a silent auction.