A beginner’s guide to taking a solo break

By February 4, 2020#SCARLETMOMENT
booking a solo holiday

If you are someone who loves time in your own company, then the idea of travelling alone probably sounds quite appealing. However, for others the thought of spending time away on your own can be a little daunting, so we have put together a beginner’s guide to taking a solo break.

Solo travel is in itself a reflective journey and a great way to look inwards, discovering yourself again after months, or even years of busyness and distraction. The solo break we’re talking about here is very different from embarking on a solo backpacking voyage, but having a short break on your own can be a great way to get a taster of how solo travelling feels.

You can take time to really tune into your internal dialogue – with so much to distract us each day, it can be hard to find the time to stop and listen to your body, and understand how you are feeling.  Spending time to yourself can help provide a sense of clarity, calm and even help navigate your way through some of life’s more complicated paths.

You get to do what you want (no compromise) – a solo getaway means you can be uncompromisingly selfish and do exactly what you want to do, and when….even if that means spending the day reading in bed. It’s completely your call!

The beginner’s guide to taking a solo break

1. Choose to go somewhere you feel comfortable

If this is your first solo break, you might want to book somewhere where you know you will feel comfortable and will be a real treat to look forward to.  Easy solo trips are about relaxation and space for yourself, not for worrying about logistics.

2. Decide what you want from the trip

Take some time to think about what you want to get from your break. Do you want a few days to sleep without clock watching or feeling that you must be productive?  Perhaps you want to fill your time exploring the local area, going on cliff walks and taking in the sights and sounds.  Or this trip might be for quiet contemplation ….  whatever it is that you want to get from your solo break, it’s a good idea to have this clear from the outset.

3. Plan your days (but leave room for manoeuvre)

Similar to being clear about your intentions for your break, it’s a good idea to have a rough plan for each day but also leave plenty of room for spontaneity and to go with how you may feel in that moment.  This trip is about you!

4. Leave screens aside

Social media and feed scrolling is an easy trap to fall into on holiday.  You want to share your experiences with your friends and family but before you know it, you’ve spent the next 30 minutes on your phone and not enjoying the present moment.

Reaching for the phone can also be a safety blanket when you are spending time on your own and a way to feel (and look) occupied. If this is the case why not swap your phone for a book, or simply sit and watch the world go by. When you get home you can collate pictures, reflect on your experience and report back!

5. Make sure your friends and family know where you are, and how to reach you in an emergency

Ensuring your nearest and dearest know where you are staying and how to reach you will put all minds at ease, so you can focus on having fun and switching off.

6. Enjoy every moment!

Travelling solo at the Scarlet

The Scarlet hotel is an ideal place to take a solo break.  As an adults only hotel we have plenty of quiet and calm spaces to relax, read and stare out on magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean.  You can while away your time at the Scarlet spa choosing from a host of rejuvenating treatments, as well as daily yoga classes and using the spa facilities.

Or perhaps head out to explore the beautiful north Cornish coastline with plenty of coastal walks, filled with flora and fauna.  However you decide to spend your days with us, you can rest assured you will be well looked after.

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We offer a single occupancy discount on rooms if you are travelling solo.  To enquire, please contact the team via stay@scarlethotel.co.uk or call us on 01637 861 800.