10 surprising benefits of daily journaling

By October 31, 2018CREATIVITY

We’re big fans of journaling, keeping a diary, unpacking your day on the page, whatever you’d like to call it. Writing is well-known as a therapeutic way of letting go and harmonising one’s self and beautiful journals, fabulous pens, a cosy chair and a scented candle make it a ritual worth your time. As far as self-care goes, spending a couple of minutes each day and looking forward has some surprising benefits…

Reflection: Helps you to reflect on your day, boost your memory function and enhances your comprehension of events.

Mindfulness: Encourages you to be mindful of your activities, thoughts, interactions and words throughout the day.

Understanding: Nurtures your emotional intelligence and understanding. Making you more empathetic and insightful.

Inspiration: It’ll clear your mind from the day to day, helping to spark inspiration and fire up your creativity

Insight: You’ll gain clarity and insight into yourself and others that you have interacted with throughout the day.

Goals: It’ll help give you a push to achieve your goals and dreams by making a note of what you want to do.

Discipline: Helps strengthen self-discipline and decrease procrastination when you set yourself deadlines.

Process: Allows you to get your thoughts down on paper, process the events of your day and to let your mind rest.

Success: Creates an opportunity to congratulate your successes and reflect on where you might improve.

Gratitude: Enables you to look back on previous events and inspires a sense of gratitude and contentment.