True: a Scarlet Facial Therapy

By January 19, 2018SPA

Our lovely spa manager, Caroline, experiences True: one of our delicious Scarlet facials, to give you a flavour of what you can expect from this treatment designed to nourish your face and hands…

I’ve been enchanted. Some beautiful magic has been whispered over me and I feel shiny and new. True has been exactly as promised – surprising, interesting and authentic. I am a lovelier version of myself.

The magician was my therapist, Hayley. We began with a talk through what the treatment was – a facial designed to replenish sun damaged skin, hydrate and importantly that it will include my hands as they get as much weathering as my face. She was right – they do and I don’t put nearly as much effort into the skin on my hands.

She introduced the delicious products – Natural Wisdom, based in Southampton a raw and organic skincare producer. Everything is made in small, artisanal batches and quite poetically fitted ‘True’. Its raw, unsullied by nasty chemicals and authentic to the natural ingredients

As I got on the heated couch, between the crisp (organic cotton) sheets and settled in, Hayley quietly returned and started casting the spell. She made every little tweak to make me more comfortable than I thought I could be and I began to drift into dreamy spa land as she began with a spritz of scent to help cast me away.

This gorgeous treatment was a wonderful mix of product, technique and intention. I’ll list the products below but what surprised me was the wonderful aromas as each product bought something new and complementary to the facial. I was at once in a spring time garden full of earthy goodness, a summer meadow with heady bright scents and an exotic greenhouse packed with botanicals.

Combinations of heated towels and cooling gels stimulates the blood flow encouraging that youthful plumpness and gave lovely interesting moments at they were both refreshing and nourishing. Alchemy at its best!

Hayley didn’t follow a routine or a set recipe, a lovely nod to the name is that she was able to be True to herself by freely including her favourite moves and True to me, conjuring the experience to suit me. And she has the moves.

Enchanting me with a beautiful hand massage made me realise that little store of tension in my hands, how did she know? How did she make me let go? She did, I did, and drifted up to a pressure point head massage which totally transported me. My third eye, crown chakra, my whole being has been soothed. Oh, and I’m just having a facial and it is just for an hour.

Knowing that my hands have been treated to as much care and nourishment as my face means I’m doing Madonna, Vogue poses in the mirror and my hands and face have the same fluffed up, glowy and healthy skin.

This treatment was such a unique combination and delivered so fabulously the restoration of my spirit seems to exceed the effects on my skin. So I’m off to dance in the woods like the fairy princess I feel…

The Treatment: True – A Scarlet Facial Therapy, 1 hour £110
The Products: Natural Wisdom, Chakra Spritz (I chose Crown), Pomegranate and Carrot Cleansing Oil, Vitamin C Polish (professional only), Vitamin C Treatment Gel, Age Defiance Moisturiser, Hand Lotion and a gift of a beautiful lip balm which everyone can take home with them.

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