Saltwater kitchen: Guest post by Hayley Spurway

pulled venison in smokey sauce lou searle guest blog

Feel the Winter glow with hearty and energising food from the Saltwater Kitchen.

With winter scuds on our shores it’s time to dig out your winter wetsuits, fleece-lined boots and beanies. Steel grey skies, brutal winds and wild, frothing waves don’t mark the end of beach life; they simply mark another season for coastal dwellers. Wrap up warm and embrace the elements as you stomp along the coast path, search for the ocean’s bounty on storm-lashed sands and brave heavy winter swells deserted by the flocks of fair-weather surfers.

To indulge in the beauty of winter outdoors it’s essential to fuel up on nourishing, hearty ingredients that warm you from the core. From roasted root vegetables whizzed into soups, to succulent seafood and game simmered in curries and stews, there’s plenty of fresh produce to be plucked from Cornwall during the winter months.

Sprinkle dishes with warming herbs and spices to stave off the cold and keep you glowing from the inside when your cheeks are being lashed by the stiff salty breeze: Garlic aids the immune system, chilli leaves its fiery heat in your belly and zingy ginger helps circulation so your fingers and toes won’t freeze when you’re sitting on your board waiting for the next wave.

This trio of recipes from the Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook will warm your culinary cockles this winter:

fish curry at the fish house lou searle guest blog

Pauls’ Indian Fish Curry

After a stroll or surf on Newquay’s Fistral Beach, hunker down in The Fish House and soak up the wintry sea views over lashings of this spicy seafood curry.

Strong adolfos daal lou searle guest blog

Strong Adolfo’s Masoor Dal

Packed with spice and flavour, this heart-warming dish is perfect after a winter surf or blustery beach walk. It’s bursting with essential winter spices including garlic, cumin, chilli and turmeric.

pulled venison in smokey sauce lou searle guest blog

Pulled Venison in Smoky Sauce

Serve this soul-warming, melt-in-your-mouth venison with crusty, freshly baked rolls for a winter warmer around the fire.

Checkout loads more tasty, beach-inspired recipes for all seasons in the Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook: