Sacha Dench’s Climate Change Challenge

By January 18, 2021SUSTAINABILITY

Why we’re supporting her two World Record attempts

A paramotor isn’t a complicated, or necessarily comfortable, aircraft. First, imagine a chair with a propeller bolted to the back. Then, add a parachute-like sail overhead that’s used for lift and steering. That’s essentially all there is. And though it may be simple, paramotor fans will tell you that it’s unlike anything else. It’s a way of experiencing the full thrilling freedom of flight: your body suspended in the sky, nothing under your feet but empty air.

This coming April, environmentalist Sacha Dench will spend five weeks piloting her paramotor around the entirety of the British coastline. It’s something that’s never been done before. When she touches down at end of the 3000+ mile flightpath, she’ll be awarded with a new World Record. But Sacha isn’t just a white-knuckle rider who wants her name in the Guinness Book of World Records. She’s known for her conservation work, previously paramotoring across Russia and Europe to help save the Berwick’s swan.

This time, she’s got another big goal: spreading environmental awareness at a crucial time.

Grabbing the world’s attention

This is a big year for international gatherings in our patch of the world. As you’ve likely heard, the G7 will soon be held along the Cornish coastline in St Ives. And in November, the UK will be hosting the UN’s Climate Change Conference (“COP26“). For British climate activists, this second event is a particularly golden opportunity to take their message straight to the world’s most powerful politicians. The team at Conservation without Borders wanted a large-scale event that would be impossible to ignore. Sacha’s flight is their answer.

In terms of awareness, Sacha’s flight has two main aims. From above, she’ll be able to photograph Britain’s varied coastline and document how it’s being affected by ongoing climate change. And from time to time along her route, Sacha will also touch down and explore. (One of her scheduled stops in on Mawgan Porth beach, just below the Scarlet.) While Sacha’s on the ground, she’ll also be meeting people who are working on solutions to our current environmental problems. Her message is a hopeful one: that there are many incredible people who are making a difference, who can inspire us all to step up and make a change.

Two world record attempts

See, there’s a second world record that Sacha is going for. Not only is she going for the first and fastest paramotor flight around Britain, she’s also aiming to secure the most pledges to act on climate change in one month. This is maybe the more important World Record attempt: getting a huge amount of people to individually commit to lowering their carbon footprints.

If she manages it, it will send out a strong message during the climate summit. That we all take climate change very seriously — and that we all understand the need to do something real about it.

How to support her

Sacha will need all of our help to break that second record. When April comes, we’ll be supporting her pledge drive and sharing what exactly you need to do. But if you want to get involved right away, you can contribute to the project’s CrowdFunder. The larger organisation, Conservation Without Borders, is also funded by donations.

We’ll be following her progress as soon as she takes to the sky. Keep your eye on our journal and on our social feeds for updates and possible events.

As part of the Scarlet’s focus on sustainability, we’re proud to say that our eco hotel is actively contributing to this event. If you’d like to join us in supporting this project, please email

Image courtesy Conservation without Borders.