New Hammam Menu

By July 6, 2017SPA

Slow down, relax your muscles and open your pores in the heat of our hot, balmy hammam room. We have a brand new menu of varying therapies and products to ensure your time in the hammam is exactly what you need. Just take your pick…

What is a Hammam?
A hammam is one of the most ancient and traditional spa treatments, based on the steam bath experience of the Greeks and Romans who understood the benefits of steam and heat on the mind and body.

Our Scarlet Hammam takes place in a dry heated room (rather than steam room) and involves a hydrating salt scrub and mineral-rich mud mask which is all washed away with powerful warm water. The heat of the room opens your pores and gently relaxes your muscles, whilst the massage, mud and scrub cleanses your skin and increases your blood flow revealing, fresh, smoother skin giving you a healthy glow.

Our Hammam Treatment Menu
Our Hammams can be experienced between friends and couples: where you anoint and scrub each other with the rich mud and scrub before splashing about in the warm water. Or you can have an individual, therapist-led treatment, where you experience the hammam from the warmth of the ceramic bed in the hammam room, and choose from the following new treatments:

Kogh: Scarlet
On our heated hammam this revitalising treatment starts with a sprightly full body scrub before a mineral-rich mud mask cleanses and nourishes you. Leaving your skin tingling and bones feeling warmed.

Erbys Tomder: Herbs and heat
A supreme combination of warmth and pressure to deeply soothe and relax the muscles in this heated water and poultice massage. Using our Oula conditioner to massage gives the perfect glide to allow tension to unfurl, so you can retreat into relaxation feeling refreshed, cleansed and free.

Norvys Prei: Earth and Clay
Rouse your senses with hot and cold river stones in this muddy massage from head to toe. Replenish and rebuild beyond the skin and into the muscles, contrasting temperatures to stimulate circulation whilst pure Cornish Oula Clay Mud transforms the skin. A changing experience that is deeply nourishing and purifying.

Kofi Keher: Coffee Muscle
Awaken with the aromatics of coffee from Finca Los Altos. Be invigorated by this body scrub using freshly ground coffee beans mixed with our own Cornish Oula mud. Whilst enveloped the skin can be re-mineralised and invigorated by the coffee mud whilst relishing a soothing scalp or foot massage.

Dirolya: Unroll
Something a little different, a massage with no oil, only heated towels. Heat rolled over the whole body, focused on one muscle group at a time. Combined with the heat from our warm hammam bed, you’ll be leaving unwound and free.

Our Hammam treatments are part of some of our spa packages, or can be added on to any spa day packages. Alternatively, hotel guests can experience the Hammam during their stay as part of a package or as a one off treatment.