Create Cornwall solo exhibitions


This Summer some of the Scarlet Artists will have a solo exhibition at our Create Gallery, located at Bedruthan Hotel. This Summers exhibitions start with Lucy Davies on 4th July and will end on 17th September with Mike Hindle.

Lucy Davies - Cornish Coastline

Artist: Lucy Davies
Dates: 4th July – 16th July

Texture, pattern and colour are striking features of Lucy Davies’ large mixed media canvas paintings, as well as her smaller, more detailed framed images. Every summer, she decamps to her family caravan near Padstow on Cornwall’s rugged North coast, where she spends most of her time painting. Her strong affinity for the rugged coastline and wild, exciting seas comes through clearly in her work.

A large painting of a Cornish stone wall got Lucy shortlisted on Sky Arts’ Landscape Artist of the Year TV competition in October 2015, hosted by Joan Bakewell and Frank Skinner.

Joe Armstrong - Mawgan Porth Red Heather

Artist: Joe Armstrong
Dates: 18th July – 30th July

After working in advertising for a number of years in London, Joe Armstsrong moved to Cornwall in 1986, where he began to develop his distinctive, loose palette knife style. Joe paints outside as much as possible, you can usually find him painting around the streets of Truro during the Spring and Summer months, deep in a wooded valley surrounded by bluebells, or just sitting quietly painting on a hillside overlooking the sea.

“I love the texture of pure oil paint on canvas. I use a palette knife to stop my work being too precise. This gives my paintings a vibrant and spontaneous feel.’

Yvonne Coomber - Gypsy Hymns

Artist: Yvonne Coomber
Dates: 1st August – 20th August

Meadows and trees – and the riot of colour they create through the changing seasons – surround Yvonne’s studio and are the subject of much of her work.

Seduced by colour, her palette is blazing and lyrical by turns, with hot and vibrant hues. Yvonne almost always works outside, so howling gales, gentle breezes, lacy ice and scorching sunshine are great influences.

“Painting for me is a love affair. I’m passionate about it. It grips my heart. I work intuitively, allowing the image to emerge and unravel. My work is a celebration of the joy and purity of the human spirit, and embraces all that is magical.”

Victoria Young Jamieson - Boobys Bay

Artist: Victoria Young-Jamieson
Dates: 22nd August – 3rd September

Growing up on the North Cornwall coast, Victoria Young-Jamieson was heavily influenced by the changing light of the different seasons, and the effect it has on the colours of the land, sky and sea. Her focus is her favourite stretch of coastline, from Bedruthan Steps to the Camel Estuary and Port Isaac.

Her paintings are abstract interpretations of these land and seascapes and leave the viewer plenty of room to interpret them in their own way.

‘We view the effects of light more than we see light itself. Sunlight on the coast exposes a fascinating variety of vibrant colours on the horizon. I try to capture a mood, to recreate the movement and texture of the landscape. I make studies and extract the colours, but the process of mixing the materials together often becomes more important than trying to replicate the image in front of me.”

Mike Hindle - Colbalt St Ives Bay

Artist: Mike Hindle
Dates: 5th September – 17th September

“There’s an intrinsic need in me to create that’s always been there,” says Cornish landscape painter Mike Hindle. “My work is about being conscious, being alive, and is driven by a search for balance. Starting a painting is like standing on the edge of a cliff for a brief moment before falling. Energy builds, the mind speeds through ideas about composition, the placement of marks and colours. These thoughts spin and accelerate until a moment of clarity arrives, that is the cue for the canvas to receive its first mark.”

“These works come from years of living and working in South Cornwall. “I’m inspired by the coast and the landscapes that have evolved over time.”