Amazing Scarlet spaces

By January 26, 2017BEHIND THE SCENES

Join us for a tour of the Scarlet as we explore and celebrate some of the hotel’s amazing spaces…

Grand Entrance

Arriving at the Scarlet and crossing the threshold of the hotel’s glass doors can feel a little like entering a magical portal that transports you to another world.

You’ve seen photos of the Scarlet it in all its sleek, expansive glory, heard about the amazing views. Now you step inside the hotel in anticipation, but find yourself immediately confronted by a blank white wall. The effect is softened by the perfect harmony of three planters that gently tell you to turn to your left.

And then you see it.

The whole lobby opens up before you to a staggering view – through a double height glass wall to an infinity pool, then the open sea, and all the way to the horizon beyond.

With a turn of your head, you’ve entered another world.

The small, enclosed entrance becomes wide open and welcoming – a contemplative place to unwind after your journey. This is your decompression chamber, where you step out of your every day life of work pressures and into the Scarlet zone of relaxation, luxury and connection – with the sea, with yourself and each other.

Pass through the next set of sliding doors into the Lobby and you see The Angel, a wooden statue that stands with her back to you. Visitors to the Scarlet often say that this iconic, sandblasted and lime-washed wooden figure is an important part of their Scarlet experience. Her serene countenance seems to cast an air of calm over the entire hotel.

Importantly, The Angel doesn’t face you to greet you when you arrive. Rather, she stands with her back to you, contemplating the magnificent view out over the infinity pool to the Atlantic beyond.

This can give you a strange, almost out of body experience. You walk in, you see the view, then you see the wooden figure looking at the view. The effect can be mysterious and beguiling, as though you’ve stepped outside your self, as though you are seeing a strange and beautiful echo of yourself, and is the perfect introduction to the Scarlet experience.