Is there anything better than kicking off your shoes and reclining in the sunshine with an ice cold gin and tonic? Rather than sticking to your usual, why not experiment with some of the beautiful local gins than keep popping up? Here are some of our tips and ideas to add a touch of luxury to your summer evening tipple…

Tarquin’s G&T


The Southwestern Distillery, just down the road from the Scarlet make beautiful dry gin in a flame heated copper still. Using traditional techniques and hand selected botanicals, each batch is slightly different, hand signed and sealed by Tarquin himself with a description of the flavour. Tarquin tends to use more orange and citrus peel in the aromatic mix to produce light, refreshing citrus flavours that are just perfect at the end of a long hot summer’s day.

Serve in a tall glass of with a wedge of lime and twist of orange peel and topped off with Fever tree tonic.

Welsh Seaweed Gin


If you are looking for something a little different then try our Welsh Seaweed gin.  This gin is made in a traditional manner and then infused for three weeks in seaweed from Newquay (Wales) to add another level of flavour.  A fresh dry gin with a tang of salt air that you can taste.  After a long day on the beach what could be better than a refreshing G&T that helps to inspire and remind you of your day as you look out over the sea.

Serve as a traditional gin and Tonic in a long glass over ice with a wedge of lime.

Seaweed Gin Martini

Or try something different –  a Seaweed Gin martini. Just the smallest dash of chilled Noilly prat vermouth swirled around the glass to thinly cover it – then a double measure of Seaweed gin gently stirred through ice and poured into the glass – garnish with a twist of lime. If you want a martini with a difference this is it, salty refreshing and a unique flavour that needs nothing else in it – a perfect way to start the night after a day of sun, sea and sand.

Chase Gin and Elderflower


Chase is a family owned, single estate distillery, who have been creating fine spirits since 2008 from the produce grown on their farm in Herefordshire. The story of Williams Elegant Gin begins with vodka. It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made from vodka, so, unlike other gins, Williams Elegant is truly single-estate from field to bottle, and within the botanic are Brambly apples which gives it a very unique taste. The result is a full bodied, sharp, yet fruity gin with tears and true provenance. Perfect for an aperitif before an alfresco dinner, or simply on its own perhaps enjoyed with some nuts or olives.

Serve in a tall glass with a squeeze of lime and Polgoon Elderflower presse and garnish with a slice of apple.

Summer cup Vermouth


For something a bit sweeter, how about the Scarlet’s take on Pimms and lemonade? Take a London Dry Gin, blended with a host of carefully selected summery ingredients including infusions of Earl Grey tea and lemon verbena giving a herbaceous fruity flavour and serve in a tall glass with lots of ice and summer fruits.

Now simply sit back, relax and enjoy…

If all else fails, escape to the Scarlet retreat terrace and we’ll mix and serve the perfect G&T for you – just how you like it.