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Our very own Alex Sollis at the Gold Service Scholarship Award

Written by Nat Louis

We are delighted to announce that Alex, one of our Guest Relations Managers has been handpicked for the finals of the Gold Scholarship awards this year, and as such, we sat down with her to find out what motivated her to chase such a prestigious award.

1. Tell us a little about the Gold Service Scholarship and how you've been involved?

'Gold Service Scholarship is a competition that was established in 2012 to inspire and nurture young people in hospitality to aid us to become leaders of futures through mentoring, travel and placement opportunities.

I was opened up to this side of luxury hospitality when Andrea, our Scarlet restaurant manager, asked if I was interested in showcasing my talent through competitions and with her being a previous finalist I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to represent Scarlet Hotel.'

2. What did your journey into hospitality look like, and how did you find your way to Scarlet?

'I started my Hospitality career in fast food, where I was lucky enough to work my way up from a crew member to Assistant Store Manager throughout the 6 years.

I decided to make the move to Cornwall following my best friend moving down and when I found Scarlet Hotel, seeing how beautiful both the scenery and the hotel is and the ethos it has I knew this was the Hotel I was ready to make the move to.'

3. In your role as Guest Relations Manager, what aspects of guest experience do you find most rewarding to enhance?

'Every time a new guest steps into Scarlet and see the wonderful large pane of glass with a beautiful view of the cliff tops, their eyes light up and it’s from this point of their journey they know it’s going to be special.

We will always try to go above and beyond with surprise and delights throughout guests stay, whether it’s chocolates on the bed or a mimosa at breakfast, it’s the element of surprise and gratitude that guests show that is the most rewarding to us as Guest Relations Managers.'

4. Scarlet Hotel is known for it's unique and luxurious offerings. How do you contribute to creating memorable experiences for guests?

'Making memories for our guests is the primary responsibility in my role and everyday I ensure this is at the forefront of my day. Whether it’s setting up a proposal or offering guidance on the best way to spend a rainy day in Cornwall we ensure our guests feel cared for.

Creating memories is a type of luxury we aim to provide to all our guests. Luxury isn’t always glitter and gold but it’s about creating memories that are so special our guests will never forget.'

5. How do you keep updated on latest trends and preferences in hospitality to ensure Scarlet remains at the forefront of guests expectations?

'Social media is our best friend, from Instagram to LinkedIn we are able to stay connected with other establishments across the UK and follow trends that are inline with the ethos we hold in the Scarlet.

Having the opportunity to meet hoteliers, restaurant managers and legends of the hospitality industry throughout my GSS (Golden Service Scholarship) competition I've been able to network and become apart of a family who offers support and advice to ensure we are constantly improving our Guest services within the hotel.'

6. What is your biggest motivation?

'My biggest motivation is knowing that I will be an ambassador for the younger generation as I become more developed in my role. Becoming the best version of myself is very important to me right now so I can be a role model for the up and coming generation that want to develop in the world of hospitality.'

7. Who are your role models, and why?

'I don’t have one direct role model but throughout my life I have met many individuals that have positively impacted me at the time which has moulded me to be the person I am today. I’m inspired daily the Restaurant Manager, Andrea’s passion for hospitality and also the Wine and Beverage Manager, Nick’s ability to hold as much knowledge as he does and share it in a way that captures the interest of everyone surrounding him. I am beyond thankful for all the support they have given me and I believe they have had a huge impact on my success throughout the competitions.'

8. What advice would you give to people wanting to progress their hospitality careers?

'My one piece of advice id give to anyone wanting to progress their hospitality career is never be afraid of being in a room of people smarter than you. Treat it as a blessing and not a threat. When you share the same passion as a room full of people, the confidence and knowledge you gain is incomparable.'


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