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There are some light works being carried out on a neighbouring property. Please call us or email [email protected] for further details.

It doesn’t cost the Earth to stay here

Written by Emma Benney

It doesn’t cost the Earth to stay here

Magical? Many fall under the Scarlet’s spell.

Adult-only? Proud to be, and always will be.

Cornish? Our roots.

Whilst all important, our eco-philosophy is at the forefront. Scarlet is about slowing down, using less, appreciating more. Enjoying the depth and richness within natural living. Out of our deep love for this clifftop place, we try and live here in a balanced relationship with the natural coastal ecosystem.

Those who know and cherish the Scarlet by returning each year will no doubt be sure of how we’ve woven environmental technologies deep into our core design. But if you’re new around here, here’s a little more info about our green thinking in every detail…

When you spend a lifetime by the coast, you take on parts of the beachcomber’s mindset. When we built Scarlet, we didn’t want to add to the issues and ask for new resources to be mined and chopped. Instead, we chose to carefully search for things that could be reused. One of our most treasured finds? The vertical wooden posts found around Scarlet’s gardens were, in a previous life, Plymouth Harbour’s old coastal erosion barriers.

Built even with the faraway future in mind, Scarlet can be carefully deconstructed to leave minimal trace. The raw building materials for Scarlet’s wooden frame, copper cladding and aluminium roof structure–even the membrane of the sea thrift roof–can all be recycled.

We draw upon this coastal environment’s natural qualities in our daily living. Take how we don’t use air conditioning, since we have the cooling sea breezes that come to us from the Atlantic. That’s why we also return nature’s generosity, giving back to the ecosystem where we can. One way we do this is by lining our roofs with sea thrift, providing more native plants for local insects.

We source electricity from suppliers who draw upon 100% renewable sources, though we’re also committed to use as little energy as we can. For instance, low-energy LED lighting turn off when no one is nearby. Our hot tubs don’t bubble to reduce energy consumption— also allowing you to clearly focus on the soothing sound of the sea below.

Scarlet Spa’s indoor pool is kept warm by a sophisticated solar system that works even on cold winter days. Heating is generated through a biomass boiler. And we designed the plumbing system to collect “grey water”–waste water from showers and baths—and use it to flush toilets.

Scarlet features universal Type 1, Type 2 and Tesla Connector charging ports. Our valet service will handle car charging for you. Tell us when you’re planning to travel and we’ll ensure your car has a full battery for your departure

We carefully source fine soaps from local Cornish makers. To reduce waste, we invite you to take these soap bars to continue using at home. In your room, you’ll find a small, organic cotton bag for safe soap transport, and a selection of our own organic Oula products, produced locally and housed in refillable bottles.

This decision often surprises people. We’ve chosen to remove the in-room tea tray. Why? It uses huge amounts wasteful single-use plastic sachets. (And in most hotels, you can’t even say it’s all for a good of coffee.) Our solution? Call us at any time for a tea or coffee, made fresh and brought straight to your room.

Each booking at Scarlet includes a £5 donation to our Community Fund. Your donation will support the work of both Surfers Against Sewage, a grassroots environmental group that fights to protect the coastline, and CoaST: One Planet Tourism Network, a Cornish social enterprise that promotes sustainable tourism.

Our online journal is full of actionable tips and content to inspire you, throughout your journey to a more green way of living.