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Helman Tor Community Fund

Written by Nat Louis

As a business comprised of diverse individuals, each of us brings unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise to Scarlet. We are united by shared goals, particularly our appreciation for Cornwall and our commitment to protecting its natural environment. Therefore, we are really proud to a part of the impactful and inspiring Rewilding Helman Tor Appeal with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

In November 2023, the charity introduced pigs and native breed cattle to Helman Tor Reserve here in Cornwall as part of a rewinding trial and £30,000 from the Bedruthan Community Fund (created from donations gather by Bedruthan Hotel & Spa and Scarlet) was donated to Cornwall Wildlife Trust in support.

How Do the Animals Help Restore the Reserve?

By introducing native cattle and pigs, the land will be restored to its natural condition, allowing wildflowers, insects and other nature to return to their habitat.

The unique pigs help the area with their rootling behaviour, this is when they turn up the soil. By doing this, it will help bring seeds to the surface, which is beneficial for other animals in the reserve and creates germinating opportunities for annual plants to grow through the soil.

The Longhorn Cattle can transform the landscape with their grazing and turn up the ground with their hooves. By using these natural behaviours to help restore Helman’s Tor, it is a much more sustainable way to restore the reserve to its natural condition without heavy machinery.

Our CEO Emma Stratton says:

“Cornwall holds such a special place in the hearts of our team and the many visitors who come here each year to enjoy its wild beauty. The scenery and rugged coastline, however, should not mask the uncomfortable reality that nature is in serious trouble in Cornwall.”

Coming to stay with us? Make sure you add a visit to Helman Tor to your itinerary during your time in Cornwall. Click here to learn more about Helman Tor and how you can also show your support.