Our plan to keep you safe

The Scarlet and Covid-19

Update: Sunday 1st of November

Following the government briefing on Saturday 31st of October, we will be temporarily closing the Scarlet.

If your forthcoming stay falls within the new lockdown dates, please allow us to contact you and try not to call the phone lines. Someone will be in touch with you soon. Please note we have very limited availability in December.
If you were due to stay with us before the new lockdown comes into effect, then we look forward to welcoming you.
We will reopen when we’re told it’s safe for us to do so. These are odd times, but we’re hoping we’ll be able to welcome you to this peaceful stretch of Cornish coastline soon.
Until then,
The Scarlet

Given the new situation, we’ve had to reconsider the things we do with a renewed focus on everyone’s safety. We’re taking care to protect our guests, our team and our Cornish community.

All in all, the Scarlet’s still the calming place that you’re looking for. We’re asking guests to book some things ahead of time so we can ensure social distancing. Otherwise, we’re all being careful, keeping our distance and wearing face masks when we need to.

As government guidelines keep altering, we’ll be changing our practices to follow the newest advice. Please check this page again closer to your stay.

See you soon,

— The Scarlet

Please read about our changes

If you're in a tier three area

  • If you’re in a tier three area, you will be unable to stay with us. These new government guidelines are in place to protect areas such as Cornwall. We will call you to move your reservation to a later date, when we’ll hopefully be able to welcome you to our clifftop hotel. (Please feel free to call us too.)

Before setting off

  • If you’re about to head off to the Scarlet and you’ve began exhibiting symptoms—or if you’ve been asked to self-isolate—please call us. There’s no need to worry. We’ll simply rebook your stay for another time. If you need reminding of Covid-19 symptoms, the NHS keeps an updated list.
  • As your trip away draws nearer, please keep an eye on your email inbox and look out for telephone calls with a Mawgan Porth dialing code (01637). We’ll call you before your stay to answer any questions you may have about our Covid-19 measures. In the case that circumstances suddenly change, our team will reach you and give an update.
  • P.S. When you pack your suitcase, don’t forget face masks.

When you arrive

  • Please note: check in is now a little later at 4pm. This change is to give our housekeeping team extra time to prepare rooms. They’re also opening the windows and letting the sea breeze blow through.
  • We’re encouraging guests to park their own cars – though our valets are still around to help, even if that’s just to provide assistance with guiding you into a space. Given the Scarlet’s small car park, we may need to move your car while you’re here. If our valets need to drive your vehicle, they will use seat covers, wear a mask and gloves, then sanitise the car and keys.
  • Showing guests around our hotel is something we like to do. To aid social distancing around the hotel, we’ve decided to pause this part of welcoming you to the Scarlet. However, we’ve filmed a new video tour that can be found on your room’s TV. Our friendly team will still greet you upon arrival, inviting you to take a seat as they talk you through everything you need to know.
  • Let’s keep everyone safe. Please enter the hotel wearing a face mask.
  • Following the introduction of England’s contact tracing app, we have placed check-in NHS QR codes around the Scarlet. Please consider downloading the app to support the NHS’s efforts at reducing infection levels. The NHS Covid-19 app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Around the Scarlet

  • Those new basics of looking after each other hold true at the Scarlet. As per government guidelines, a face mask needs to be worn around the Scarlet’s communal areas and corridors. In our lounges, bar and restaurant, you can remove your mask after you’ve found somewhere socially-distanced to sit.
  • Please keep two metres social distance from other groups as you move around the hotel. Rule of six guidance also means social gatherings, indoors and out, need to be kept to fewer than six people.
  • There’s plenty of hand sanitiser located around the hotel. Please feel free to use it often.
  • We’re asking guests to consider using their own bathrooms instead of using the Scarlet’s communal facilities.

Your bedroom

  • Between guests, our housekeeping team are giving rooms a thorough clean. The windows are opened to let the Atlantic air blow through too.
  • If you’d prefer not to have any housekeeping during your stay, just let us know when you arrive. You can always ask at reception for fresh towels and other supplies when you need them.
  • To keep distance between everyone, we’re only cleaning rooms when we’re sure that you’re out. We’ll leave a note on the door while we’re in your room. For everyone’s protection, we also aren’t touching any personal belongings: please store them away if you’d like your room cleaned.
  • Our team will only turndown beds if you ask for this service. To keep distance, turndown service can be organised for when you’re at dinner.

Food and drink

The Scarlet Restaurant

If you’re not staying at the Scarlet, we’re currently only open for lunch and afternoon tea. We’re hoping to change this soon, but we’ll only open fully when it’s right to do so. If you’re visiting the Scarlet restaurant, please provide us with your contact details or scan a NHS Covid-19 QR code.

  • To keep things socially distanced, we’ve spread apart tables to make plenty of space.
  • As we’re running at a reduced capacity, all tables at the Scarlet Restaurant now need to be reserved. This includes breakfast. Please tell us your preferred times for eating by emailing stay@scarlethotel.co.uk. Please note: If we don’t hear anything, we’ll need to automatically assign times.
  • The most popular mealtimes may be quickly oversubscribed. However, we know the importance of long lie-ins, we’ve added a more casual ‘walk in’ breakfast from 10.30am to 11.30am.
  • Dinner at the Scarlet Restaurant will now be between 5pm and 10pm, following the updated government guidance. Our restaurant hosts will be taking food orders until 8.30pm. Hopefully, that’ll give everyone plenty of time to leisurely finish their suppers. As the guidelines state that we must have an empty dining room by 10pm, it may sometimes be better for us to deliver dessert to your room. If you prefer to eat late, our kitchen will happily send something to you by room service. These new guidelines may mean we need to alter your existing dinner reservations — we’ll work this out when you check-in.
  • Currently, we’re only sitting tables of six people or fewer (we’re following rule of six guidance).
  • We’re looking after our team too. We’ve slightly simplified our menus to help our chefs keep distanced. However, our kitchen is still driven to serve dishes with the quality of Cornish produce at their heart.
  • With the new Covid-19 measures, food may also take a little longer to reach you. We’re sorry this is the case, but we hope you understand. Off-menu requests may not always be possible at the moment.

The Scarlet Bar

  • The Scarlet Bar is now table service only. Please claim a booth, but we kindly ask that you don’t come and stand at the bar itself. We’ve also expanded the bar’s table service to cover all of the hotel’s lounges. Find a seat within the Scarlet and someone will soon ask if we can bring you anything.
  • Table service around the hotel’s spaces must now end by 10pm. In line with the newest government guidance, all drink and food needs to be cleared away (or taken into bedrooms) by 10pm. If you’re up late into the night — looking up into the dark Cornish sky — room service remains available.

Room service

  • A more distanced room service. For totally-distanced dining (or just lazy mornings in bed), room service is available 24/7. When delivering your food from the Scarlet Restaurant, we’ll knock and leave your order on a stand outside your door.

The Scarlet Spa

Not staying at the Scarlet? We’re slowly re-introducing our day spa packages. See more here. If you’re visiting the Scarlet Spa, please provide us with your contact details or scan a NHS Covid-19 QR code.

Natural reed pool

  • The outdoor reed pool is open. We’re trusting guests to keep to the reduced capacity. Please wait a few minutes if you need to.

Clifftop sauna

  • Our clifftop sauna is open. Private twenty-minute slots are now available, allowing two people from the same household (or bubble) to sauna at the same time. Our spa hosts will help you book these 20 minute sessions after you arrive at the Scarlet.
  • Our team are rigorously cleaning the sauna between each session. 

Indoor pool and steam room

  • Our indoor pool and steam room are both open. With an eye on social distancing, we’re booking guests in to use this area of the Scarlet Spa. Our spa hosts will help you book these 45 minute sessions after you arrive at the Scarlet.
  • Following government guidance, only two people are allowed in the steam room at a time (they must be from the same household or bubble). 
  • Our team are rigorously cleaning this area between each session. 

Yoga and spa classes

  • Our daily sessions carefully continue.If you’ve got your own mat, please consider bringing it along to the Scarlet.


  • We are offering many spa treatments, including adapted Scarlet Journeys. There are some things we still can’t offer though, such as in-room treatments.
  • Our clifftop hot tubs are open. You can truly relax here: these are cleaned thoroughly between each use.
  • Some treatment rooms, particularly those involving heat, are still closed. This includes the hammam, rhassoul and copper tub.

Weddings and events

  • We’re carefully following the government’s guidance on indoor events and wedding ceremonies. These measures include limiting our venue capacities to safe numbers, practicing social distancing during functions and wearing face masks when needed. We’re taking care when setting out seats and keeping rooms ventilated with fresh Atlantic air.
  • Plans may need to be altered, though your host will guide you through all changes. We can help you communicate these new requirements to your attendees.
  • Given the government’s new restrictions, we will be limiting our weddings to 15 people in size. We’ll be focusing on smaller, more intimate ceremonies.

Other important things: VAT, protecting our team

  • It’s our duty to protect the safety of everyone here. We will not tolerate any unsafe behaviour or unfair pressuring of our team. Please remember we’re all working out this new situation together.
  • Covid-19 continues to cause business uncertainty for us. We were unable to open for many months, with re-opening only being possible after extensive alterations. In response to these new pressures, the government recently reduced VAT for the hospitality industry. This announcement will help to cover the shortfall we’ve experienced because of Covid-19, allowing us to retain our current prices without increase. The VAT reduction will also help to sustain the business as the quieter winter months approach. Therefore, we are currently not offering discounted room rates.

Finding out more

  • We’re committed to keeping everyone informed about our new practices. We’ll call you before your stay to talk through all these policies person-to-person.
  • If you have any remaining questions about our Covid-19 practices, please contact us. Someone will write back as quickly as they can.
  • If you’d like to talk to someone while at the Scarlet, any member of our team will happily speak to you.