The Scarlet: Sustainable luxury

Both the interior and exterior design of the Scarlet embraces the building’s stunning cliff top location and reflects its natural environment through the sensuous use of materials and design. The hotel offers you all kinds of relaxing diversions including outdoor cliff top hot tubs, a natural reed-filtered swimming pool and an Ayurvedic-inspired spa – all with far-reaching views over the beach and sea beyond.

Importantly, the Scarlet is a grown-ups only hotel, while our sister hotel Bedruthan caters perfectly for guests of all ages. The Scarlet, though, is Cornwall’s ideal escape for adults who want to recharge their batteries and get away from the everyday. Just a simple stroll through the landscaped gardens and down to the beach, breathing in the fresh sea air, does wonders for body and soul. Day-to-day, the Scarlet does everything it can to minimise its impact on the environment with the thoughtful employment of a biomass boiler, grey water recycling, rain water harvesting and sea thrift-planted roofs. We are very proud of the hotel that we have built, and the painstaking efforts we have made to protect and harmonise with our environment. We like to think that we put our money where our mouth is and lead by example, showing that great design can go hand-in-hand with sustainability. Your holiday in Cornwall can be luxurious and rejuvenating, as well as gentle and caring to our beautiful environment at the same time.

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