Our day spa packages are open to all and include full use of the steam room, outdoor barrel cedar sauna, indoor pool, natural reed filtered outdoor pool, relaxation time in our deep relaxation space and meditation room and a delicious spa lunch.

Carefully created days are designed to help you get the most out of the calm relaxation that Scarlet offers. We ask for your time and we’ll arrange the rest leaving you to unwind and find some stillness.

Spend the day with us to truly relax giving yourself the gift of space and time and some essential care.

A Scarlet Day Escape includes:

  • Time in the warmth of the spa; eucalyptus steam room, indoor pool, meditation room and in the beautiful lounge, the Light Relax.
  • Time outside in nature in our reed filtered natural pool, cedar barrel sauna and a hosted session in a cliff top hot tub.
  • A combination of treatments chosen to suit you followed by relaxation and recovery time in the Deep Relax with hanging pods to float away in.
  • Stay in your robe as you enjoy a healthy spa lunch, light but satisfying so you can continue to enjoy the spa in the afternoon. An indulgent lunch and glass of Prosecco can be added for £16 per person.
  • Complimentary teas, filtered water, natural products and organic robes and towels.
Or are you for something specific? Let us help you create a bespoke magical day escape tailored especially for you.

To enquire or book please email us at spa@scarlethotel.co.uk or call 01637 861 861, our reservation team is available from 8:30am – 7:30pm every day.

Day Spa Escapes

Elevate (inspired by air)

30 minute Padabhyanga Ayurvedic foot and lower leg massage: the Ayurvedic alternative to reflexology, this foot treatment starts with a firm massage of the lower leg followed by a marma point foot massage using deep pressure techniques to release energy blocks, improve circulation and increase energy.

30 minute Shirobhyanga Ayurvedic head massage: a head, neck and arm massage used in India for centuries to release muscular tension. Ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp promoting hair growth and releasing tensions associated with a migraine, headache and neck stiffness.

A clifftop hot tub gazing out over cliffs, sky and the wild and beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

£165 per person

Renew (inspired by fire)

A powerful combination of three treatments.

Your bathing ritual is the cliff top hot tub which opens your pores, relaxes your muscles and calm your mind.

Experience a part body hot poultice massage. This powerful treatment uses hot steamed poultices to rhythmically massage the body. The warmth of the poultice opens up your pores and relaxes your muscles helping to release deep-seated aches and pains while the herbs inside the poultice nourish your skin.

Your Shirobhyanga Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Head Massage is a head, neck and arm massage used in India for centuries to release muscular tension. Ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp promoting hair growth and releasing tensions associated with migraine, headache and neck stiffness.

£205 per person

Peace (inspired by wood)

A 15 minute consultation to identify any imbalances in your dosha followed by a tailored therapeutic massage, the perfect introduction to the power of Ayurveda.

Give your hardworking feet an overdue treat, this involves a deeply relaxing footbath with exfoliating salt scrub followed by a foot wrap and massage of the lower legs and feet.

Finally, a cliff top hot tub soothes your muscles, opens your senses and connects you to nature.

£245 per person

Spend Time Together (inspired by couples)

A wonderful opportunity to relax in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the company of someone special; could be your partner or perhaps a friend.

Enliven the senses with your choice of bathing ritual… Invigorate each other with our salt scrub, essential oils and mineral-rich mud, then unwind with one another in the Rhassoul. Or experience the age-old pleasure of giving each other a good scrub down in our relaxing and warming hammam.

£150 per couple

Scarlet Journeys

Scarlet Journey

Clear your mind of expectations, explore a new path with our Scarlet Journey.

Step into a bathing ritual and wash away any tensions you may hold. Choose to soak in the ocean views from our clifftop hot tub, cleanse with a body tingling scrub in our hammam, or feel the detoxifying rhassoul experience with luxurious Cornish mud. Exhale, have a moment of reflection, find a quiet corner of the spa to curl up and just be.

Explore space and softness with a chance to be guided through a meditation by your therapist, preparing your body to relax fully into your treatment. A unique blend of therapeutic techniques shaped with you, for you: discover breath work, massage, movement, scent, sound and meditation.


  • Meet your therapist, explore your Ayurvedic dosha type, then design together the perfect blend of treatments and massage techniques for you
  • Relax muscles, open your pores and cleanse your skin with a choice of bathing rituals. Choose either a clifftop hot tub, a body tingling scrub in our hammam, or a scrub and mud rhassoul
  • Relaxation time – what the Scarlet Spa was built to offer
  • A guided meditation to free your mind and prepare your body for your treatment
  • Therapy time in our quiet, tented treatment space
  • Deep relaxation time hanging in a pod to enjoy the feeling of calmness you’ve created.

£245 per person, allow 4 hours

Pregnancy Journey

For mums-to-be from 13 to 40 weeks, crafted with specialists and unique to you.

Our pregnancy specialist therapists will spend time talking with you to design a journey perfectly suited to you, harnessing the wisdom of doulas, prenatal yoga tutors and a whole host of mums. With an in-depth understanding of the changes and wonders your body is performing, we’ll be able to ensure your comfort and create some magical time for you to enjoy your pregnancy with your growing baby.

Indulge in:

  • A gentle full body scrub to remove dead skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and revitalised
  • A guided meditation to calm your mind and allow you to relax into your treatment time

Then choose from the following (combine as many or as few elements as feels right to you):

  • A massage to relax muscles, improve posture, reduce oedema and to alleviate aches and pains
  • A body wrap to nourish your beautiful bump
  • A warm oil scalp massage to calm and soothe neck and scalp muscles
  • Facial therapy to revitalise and tone or a facial massage to leave the skin feeling plump

£245 per person, allow 4 hours

Rediscover, Journeys for Couples

Take a journey together, share the experience and synchronise your energies.

Couples start with a chat to understand what you’d like from your time with us. Then choose a bathing ritual, either splash around in the hot tub together or give each other a scrub down in the hammam to warm up ready for your treatment time.

Spread out in the spacious comfort of a double therapy suite for your treatment, pre-book a massage lesson or individual massage therapies, and then soak in the bath with a glass of champagne.

  • Meet your therapist and giggle over a partner consultation
  • Relax muscles, open your pores and cleanse your skin with a choice of bathing ritual. Choose either a clifftop hot tub, a body tingling scrub in our hammam, or a scrub and mud rhassoul
  • Enjoy therapy time in our couple’s suite – either synchronised massages (£500 for two people) or a massage lesson (£320 for two people)
  • Relax together and soak in the scented bath with a glass of fizz

£320/£490 for two people, allow 4 hours