Red Hotels is our umbrella name for our sister hotels Bedruthan and the Scarlet, both in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall.

Although the hotels are very different in style, our teams work closely together, while the spa, marketing, property and finance teams work across both.

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Our spa is flourishing, thanks to the way each member of our team brings their own individuality and personality to their role actively caring for the people and planet around them.

We share a broad range of interests – hula hooping, photography, yoga and rock climbing to name a few – and encourage each other in being true to ourselves and finding genuine enjoyment in life and work.

The wonderfully warm work environment in the spa often leads to lasting friendships.

Our team thrives on supporting each other and creating a caring and enjoyable place for guests and staff.

Our goal is to “grow our own” managers but that is not always possible so we do recruit externally too.

Being a member of our Management Team is not like being a manager in any other business. You get a great team of people to lead and develop and you also get a whole new family to support you in being successful. We have a one-team culture and shared offices, allowing for a connected delivery of supporting our people. The recipe is quite simple:

Great People + Great Support x Great Team Work = Amazing teams and colleagues and happy guests

Professional kitchens can have bad reputations for long hours and chefs shouting and screaming at each other.

That’s not the case at Scarlet. We make a real effort to stay calm, measured and controlled. It remains a challenging environment to work in, but it’s an extremely rewarding team to be in.

You never stop learning and developing when you work in a kitchen, and this is something we’re really passionate about. For the right people, kitchens are about so many things. Teamwork, creativity, flair, passion are words we use a lot, and these are the kind of things you will get out of being part of our team.

Joining the Scarlet Restaurant opens up a whole new world of opportunities. You become part of a family; a team of dedicated caring people. Your personality and uniqueness is celebrated and it’s a great confidence builder.

Progression is also a key to us. You’ll learn about fine food and wine through tastings with our chefs and bar team. There are also opportunities to take part in accredited programs such as WSET or Origin coffee training.

Finally, the location and stunning setting of the restaurant is enough to make friends, family and guests envious.

Front of House 
Front of House is the heart of the hotel and fully immersed in its atmosphere. From the moment a guest arrives we aim to make them feel totally at home. The team are motivated to go above and beyond, understand each guest and creating unique experiences for them.

The Scarlet is so good at what it does because the whole team are focussed on treating people as individuals, Front of House is integral to this.

Hosts and Housekeeping
The Scarlet Host & Housekeeping Team are an inspired group of 20+ people who feel the world of hospitality is an amazingly varied and exciting place. As a career, from the moment you start in your first position on the team you will be faced with a fast paced, meticulous and competitive environment.

For us, every guest is different and we strive to make sure they feel completely at home. Our charismatic Cornish team, or people who have chosen to make Cornwall their home, are invested in as team members and as people. Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. Success for us is always measured by the impact we have had on the environment.

Finance and Staffing
The Finance Team at Red Hotels is like no other. Dedicated and performance-driven, we are integrated fully into the wider hotel, making for a varied working environment where every day is different.

We’re deeply involved with the hotel at every level, from getting new starters onto our systems, providing reporting and accounts to help guide direction and management decision-making, to the all important payroll.

We are an innovative, fun and friendly marketing team. Every day offers plenty of opportunities to explore our creative sides, as well as satisfy our technical leanings and love of data.

Our job is to explore fully the potential of all our digital channels, to share our lovely hotel with new and existing customers, to find creative new ways to build the hotel’s brand and monitor the performance of all our on-line channels.

The day-to-day life of a Property team member is like no other within the hotel. We have two key areas of work, reactive and planned works. Our reactive schedule changes constantly as do our priorities often resulting in exciting and challenging problem solving adventures!

The planned works are also rewarding as the hotels are always evolving and new facilities are created to add to our guest experiences. These projects are often meticulous and extensive but offer a great sense of achievement on completion.

Learning and earning… a tried and tested route to grow with us. 

We currently have 1 apprentice and would love to enable more people to join us here at Red Hotels, it’s not limited to the kitchen or restaurant though.  Take a look at our teams and discover other hotel areas where you can start your career.

As well as a generous rate of pay, you will be entitled to the same perks and training our permanent team enjoy.

If you would like us to consider you as an apprentice, send us an email, telling us why you would like to work at one of our hotels, the area you would like to do an apprenticeship and how you think it will benefit you.

Work Experience
We know that you may need to experience a working environment to find out what career path you would like to follow.  Each year, we have a limited number of work experience places, where you will spend a week in a variety of hotel areas.  If you would like to be considered for a place, send us an email, telling us why you would like to work at one of our hotels and how you think the work experience will benefit you.  You will also need to attach a CV. 

Just like a real job, if you are shortlisted, you will need to come in for an interview. 

Flexible Work Team

Our team of flexible workers are reliable, hardworking and passionate people who believe in doing their best and supporting others whilst working flexible hours that suit them.

We can provide extra hours to support a main income, give a student weekend or holiday work, enable experienced people to work without a full-time commitment and offer the opportunity to explore roles at two of the best hotels in Cornwall.

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