Cherishing Our World

This is the central theme of our philosophy. ‘World’ describes the planet and all the people on it. ‘Our world’ gives a more personal emphasis to the local part of our world. We must cherish our guests, our staff, ourselves and the environment we all seek to enjoy.

Underneath the overarching principle of Cherishing our World come:

Guided by Conscience

We all have something inside us constantly trying to move us towards doing the right thing. Let’s find it, nurture it, and help it to grow strength.

  • Inspiring and enabling
  • Daring to be different
  • Learning together

Actively Caring

We all care about lots of things. Active caring means we must actually follow up this sense by doing things that will make a difference.

  • Generosity of Spirit
  • Emotional Health
  • Nurturing our Relationship with Life
  • Choosing Well

Beautiful Relationships

Thankfully, we are not alone on this planet. We coexist with other people, places, animals and things. We gain from our relationships with these.

  • Experiencing Nature
  • Encouraging Art & Design
  • Exploring Balance

Discovering Simple Pleasures

So much in life can seem to be complicated. Let’s find our inner child and take her/him out to play.

  • Sharing laughter
  • Creating Not Simply Consuming
  • Feeding the soul

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