The grown-ups guide to Autumn

Saying farewell to the warmth of summer can be upsetting, but with the glow of outdoor bonfires, beautiful Autumn produce, windswept walks and the crackle of log fires to look forward to – you’re spirits won’t be low for long. Celebrate the arrival of the new season with a few little luxuries and some warming treats with our Grown-Ups Guide to Autumn…

Beautiful Autumnal produce

Autumn brings such amazing produce – deep rich flavours of game, wonderful root vegetables and plenty of cabbages and autumn leaves, along with ripe fruits such as plums, apples, pears and figs. On quiet afternoons why not slowly roast some beautiful root vegetables and blend up with cream for thick warming soups. Or make quick fruit crumbles with any apples and berries that are to hand – just rub butter into flour, add brown sugar and maybe some nuts, granola or porridge oats for the crumble topping. Roast any beautiful amber squashes with nutmeg, a pinch of chilli and cumin, and add butter beans and melting cheeses for an indulgent and warming supper.

Windswept Walks

Some of the best walks are when it is a little stormy outside. You can wrap up warm in your favourite coat and battle the elements. Especially on the clifftops – watching the surf below with the sea spray on your face can be so atmospheric.

Then the contrast when you finally step inside to the crackle of an open fire is truly blissful. Unwrap yourself and curl up with a well earned creamy hot drink – take a look at our recipe for Chilli Hot Chocolate.

Bonfires and Fireworks

Wrap up warm in knitted hats and scarfs – you could even treat yourself to something new from our friends at Seasalt – ready for the firework season. Wrap up a warm batch of Cornish fairings in some foil, and a flask of milky coffee with a dash of your favourite tipple to really make the most of the atmosphere. Rather than waiting for an organised event, you could make a party of your bonfire at home. After the autumn clean up in the garden, invite friends and family round for a farewell to outdoor dining. Toast marshmallows, bake bananas in the embers and make a huge pot of spicy stew to celebrate the winter feasts to come.

Baking Afternoons

On drizzly afternoons when you can’t bare to head outside – or even out of your cosy dressing gown – retreat to the warmth of the kitchen for a bit of baking. It’s lovely to have some time to leisurely try a new recipe, and spend the rest of the afternoon devouring it. Give some of our bakes a go – from Cornish fairings and brioche to the perfect white loaf.

Early sunsets and late sunrises

With the shortening days it is easier to catch some of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Set your alarm a little earlier one morning, and watch the spectacle over your cup of morning coffee. Or take the time at the end of the day to find a good spot to just breathe and watch the sun disappear under the horizon. If you find yourself in Cornwall this Autumn, take a look at our favourite places to watch the sunset over the ocean. You could always treat yourself to a Sunset Supper or Sundown Spa & Dine at the Scarlet.