Super green juice recipe

By January 28, 2014FOOD & DRINK, RECIPES

We all know we should be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, but it’s not always easy if you’re living a fast paced lifestyle and sometimes have to grab food on the go. How about topping up your green levels with a fresh juice each day? Our partners at 38 Degrees North have provided us with one of their secret juice recipes for Super Green Juice to get you going.

Get set up in the kitchen and you can whip up a delicious juice packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients in under five minutes. Either have it first thing, or seal it in a bottle and put it in the fridge for later.

One of 38 Degrees North’s favourite juices is the Super Green Juice, a thick vegetable based smoothie that tastes delicious.


  1. Put all your ingredients into a blender
  2. Blend it until you have a silky smooth, super green juice
  3. Drink and enjoy!

You will need:

  • One to two small apples
  • A quarter to a half a lemon or lime
  • A couple of generous handfuls of leafy greens (spinach or kale are ideal)
  • A stick of celery
  • An inch of cucumber
  • Half an avocado
  • A teaspoon of spirulina
  • A teaspoon of wheat grass