Start your day with an intimate, complimentary class in our beautiful light-filled studio. Perfect for beginner and improvers, book your place with spa reception.

Example Timetable

8am to 9am 3pm to 3.30pm 3.30pm to 4pm 6.30pm to 7pm
Mondays Gentle Hatha Yoga Guided Meditation Talk: Introduction to Ayurveda
Tuesdays Slow Flow Yoga Guided Meditation Talk: Digestive health and happiness
Wednesdays Yin Yoga Guided Meditation Masterclass: Sun salutations (excluding the 5th)
Thursdays Tai Chi Guided Meditation Class: Gentle afternoon stretch
Fridays Scaravelli Yoga Guided Meditation Spa School: Spa therapists share their latest tips Masterclass: yoga for lower back pain
Saturdays Mindful Yoga Guided Meditation Workshop: Mantra chanting
Sundays Vinyasa Yoga Guided Meditation Talk: Skincare for your dosha type

We hope to inspire your wellbeing and encourage you to try something new with our programme of classes. Our wonderful team of tutors are here to make sure you have a great practice and are able to welcome beginners and beyond to create classes to suit.

Classes are complementary to hotel guests and day spa guests, we just ask that you book ahead with the spa so we know to expect you.

The classes change regularly, sometimes featuring guest tutors or trying something new.

What to expect from the classes…

Gentle Hatha

Hatha is the yoga of balance to help you find yours. Combining asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Slow Flow

This is a form of flowing Hatha yoga, which focuses on developing core strength through releasing tension and creating length in the spine.

Yin Yoga

Slow, calming yoga giving more time to work deeply into poses and delve into meditative presence.

Tai Chi

Combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements for wellbeing.


This is a form of Hatha yoga, which focuses on developing core strength through releasing tension and creating length in the spine.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga blends slow mindful movement with structural alignment to build strength and flexibility in mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow

Energise and wake-up the body with awareness of breath and movement. Class is interlaced with myth, mantra and mudra for a magical yoga experience.

Guided Meditation

Be guided into a mindful practice of inner listening. Allow mind and body to rest and draw inward while you take a pause from external distractions.

Daydream Workshop

Peaceful Yoga class followed by a daydream workshop with the aim to connect with your true self and re discover you inner wisdom. Cliff top hot tub follows the experience to ponder on your souls callings. Healthy spa lunch included. £65 residents / £75 non-residents

Ayurveda Inspired Self Care Workshop

Inspire your soul with a little taste of Scarlet heaven. Join us for a mini retreat evening where you can learn some Ayurveda inspired tips on how to introduce a daily self-care routine which encourages radiant health and wellbeing. Take some time to relax in the spa and reconnect mind and body. £30 residents / £40 non– residents

Private Lessons

If you’d like us to arrange something special, we have a great network of talented tutors to call on for activities including guided mediation, breathing or relaxation, fitness coaching, surfing, dance and more…

  • 60 minutes one to one £70 / small group (2-4) £85
  • 90 minutes one to one £85 / small group (2-4) £100