Romantic ways to propose

By January 19, 2016ROMANCE, SPRING

Spring, being the season of hope and new beginnings, seems a fitting time to pop the question. And, if you’re thinking of proposing, you may be worrying about how best to ask in a thoughtful and tasteful way that doesn’t fall into being awkward or formulaic. How do you say the words ‘will you marry me?’ in a way that truly reflects who you are as a couple?

Here is our guide to give you a little inspiration to make your proposal truly memorable for you both:

Make it personal

Take some time to sit and think about what would be a meaningful proposal for your partner, and for you as a couple. What are some of your best memories together? What makes you different as a couple? What would your partner really appreciate? Maybe you love going for walks together, so pick one of your romantic walks. Or maybe you’re both avid music fans, so propose in the middle of a live performance during a favourite song.

Be spontaneous

Don’t be afraid of spontaneity. It’s okay to make your proposal when the mood takes and the timing feels right, rather than having everything planned, timed and precise. This could be anytime, during a wild and rainy clifftop walk, while loading the dishwasher, or at the end of an amazing meal at your favourite restaurant.

The words

The sentiments and words you use can be just as important as your actions. Take a little time to practice what you’d like to say – either verbally or in a written note. Add something personal such as the true reason you want to spend the rest of your life together.

Be creative

Add a little creativity or craft into the proposal and show how much you’ve been thinking about it. You could make your own engagement ring, write a poem, or spray paint a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ canvas you can keep.

The little things

The little things matter – try to incorporate small touches that mean something to you as a couple. Whether it is a keepsake from your first date or some of your favourite foods.


Add some romantic lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference to atmosphere – if you can add some candles (even battery operated ones if you’re outdoors), twinkling fairy lights, lanterns, or pick an evening with a perfect sunset, or a clear starry night – you can really add to the romance.

The ring

The ring can be a really difficult to decision to make – to choose something your partner is to wear for the rest of their life. If you’re not confident, you can go for an inexpensive, token ring – maybe hand carved in wood, or a simple jelly sweet if your loved one has a sweet tooth – and then you’ve got the fun of ring shopping together. Alternatively, try thinking outside the box – a vintage engagement ring, maybe a family heirloom, something designed an crafted by a local artist or jewellery maker, which could incorporate a family stone, or even a beach find.

Scarlet Proposals

With our dramatic cliff top location, beautiful sea view bedrooms and hot tubs, the Scarlet has played host to a number of romantic and memorable proposals:

  • We once ran down to the beach and wrote ‘will you marry me?’ in the sand for one guest who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with Champagne sitting in one of our cliff top hot tubs.
  • Another guest was having a treatment in the spa, so a couple of us grabbed the opportunity with her partner to create a path in rose petals and tea lights from the entrance of their room to a heart with the ring in the middle.
  • One guest asked us to provide bubbles on the table at dinner, but we went the whole hog and presented the couple with a menu we’d printed out just for them. Half way through this special menu was ‘marry me?’. That certainly made choosing their mains more interesting!

Being privy to, and helping out behind the scenes at, such an important moment in a couple’s life, is always a great privilege and something in which we delight.

If you’d like to feature the Scarlet into your proposal idea, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01637 861 800 or by emailing – we can discuss any ideas you have and ways to make your proposal truly personal.