Our hotel guests can choose between an individually tailored Scarlet Journey or any combination of bathing rituals and treatments from the menu.

Scarlet Journeys

Scarlet Journey

The Scarlet Spa offers a series of therapeutic Journeys, each one designed to help you find ways of improving your life balance. Journeys can be experienced alone, with a partner or a friend, and take three to four hours – long enough to give you time to unwind properly and for us to make a lasting difference to your wellbeing.

Each Journey involves:

  • An individual consultation during which you and your therapist explore your Ayurvedic dosha type and agree the most suitable combination of treatments and massage techniques for you.
  • A bathing ritual to prepare your body: opening your pores, cleansing your skin and relaxing your muscles. Our bathing rituals include either a body tingling scrub in our hammam or a ‘get messy’ rhassoul experience using mud to detoxify the skin.
  • Relaxation time for you to just ‘be’, to lie and ponder the beauty of your surroundings, to quieten your mind and let go of your stress.
  • A chance to enjoy a guided meditation, to free your mind and prepare your body for your treatment.
  • A therapeutic massage or blend of yoga, breath work and massage. Carried out in our quiet tented treatment rooms and tailored to suit your dosha type and address any imbalances identified during your consultation.
  • Deep relaxation recovery time cocooned in a hammock-like pod. Personal time and space at the end of your journey is important to give your body and mind a chance to absorb the benefits fully.

£220, allow 3 – 4 hrs.

Pregnancy Journey with Pai

For mums-to-be 12-40 weeks

Created in collaboration with organic skincare experts Pai, our pregnancy journeys combine carefully crafted spa experiences to calm and support you during your pregnancy with the gentlest, purest organic Pai products, specially formulated to restore balance to sensitive and hormonal skin.

One of our pregnancy specialist therapists will spend time talking to you to design a journey perfectly suited to you and your pregnancy.

The journey includes a gentle full body scrub to remove dead skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and revitalised and a guided meditation to calm your mind and allow you to relax into your treatment time.

Then choose from:

  • A massage to relax muscles, improve posture, reduce oedema and to alleviate aches and pains,
  • A body wrap to nourish your beautiful bump,
  • A warm oil scalp massage to calm and soothe neck and scalp muscles,
  • Facial therapy to revitalise and tone or a facial massage to leave the skin feeling plump.

Combine as many or as few elements as you’d like.

£220, allow 3-4 hrs.

Rediscover Each Other (for couples)

Begin your journey together with a partner-based consultation, then take time together in the rhassoul or hammam, followed by exclusive use of our couple’s suite for a therapist-led massage lesson: choose what you would like your partner to learn. Your therapist will run you a beautiful scented bath and leave you together with a glass of champagne.

£135 each, 3-4 hrs.

Rediscover (for couples) with Ayurvedic Massages

Your journey begins with a partner-based consultation. Spend time together in a cliff top hot tub, rhassoul or hammam followed by a synchronised marma abhyanga full body massage that will harmonize your dosha energies. Our therapists will run you a beautiful scented bath and leave you together with a glass of champagne.

£220 each, 3-4 hrs.

Bathing Rituals

Clifftop Hot Tub

A cliff top hot tub is an experience to remember. Soak your aching muscles in water heated to the perfect temperature and gaze out over the Atlantic.

For couples or individuals, £20 per bath allow 30 minutes


For couples or friends. Scrub yourselves down with an invigorating salt scrub, then enjoy the long-forgotten childhood pleasure of slathering each other in mineral-rich mud that will give your skin a boost. Relax in the private rhassoul steam room to open your pores, then be showered down, leaving your skin smooth and tingling and your muscles warm and unwound.

£60, allow 45 minutes.


Experience the age-old pleasure of giving each other a good scrub down. Our wonderfully warm hammam opens your pores and relaxes your muscles. Scrub each other all over with a rehydrating salt scrub then sluice each other down with warm water. Splash around as much as you like.

£60 for two people, allow 45 minutes.

The Copper Tub Menu

Immerse your winter body in our Copper Tub full of steamy hot water, luxurious salts all surrounded by flickering candles and simple tranquillity. Feel warmth in chilly bones, heat in tense muscles and cleanse and soften your hard working skin.

£45 for 45 minutes

Seaweed – Scrub and soak

Begin with our new Cornish seaweed, salt and organic jojoba oil body scrub – full of delicious essential oils designed to nourish skin and surround you with a stimulating blend of scents focussing on soothing muscles and freeing joints.  A luscious bundle of hand-harvested Cornish seaweed infuses the warm water of the tub with minerals and anti-oxidants. Your skin will be gently detoxified, soothed and softened.

Dry skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema will benefit from a luxurious soak with the seaweed, but please chat to us if you have particularly tender patches for a scrub alternative. We have a gorgeous mud mask to nourish and soothe.

A Tub for a Bump – Salts and polish

A Copper Tub designed to nurture your pregnancy with gentle products and a slightly lower temperature. For you and baby, and room for one more if you’d like.Be still and calm as the salts soften your skin as you feel weightless in the soothing water. A creamy, gentle body polish enhances your beautiful glow with hibiscus and coconut.

A little oil to massage your growing belly as you take in the comforting aromas.

Calm – Oil and scrub 

A luxurious oil of lavender, jasmine and rosewood creates a magical, scented tub. Coupled with a granular salt scrub with complementary essential oils, all with the bounteous relaxation properties of warm water, this tub will carry you off to a calm and tranquil spot.

Leave everyday behind and float yourself off to a deluxe calm.

Zing – Salt and sugar

Uplifting salts with alpine lavender create a refreshing and cleansing tub. A softening sugar and lemongrass body scrub will invigorate and stimulate your senses, firing up your circulation and giving you an abounding feeling of life.

Invigorate and enliven your soul.

Treatment Menu

Hammam for one

This revitalising treatment is carried out on a heated hammam bed and begins with a full body scrub followed by the application of mineral-rich mud to cleanse and nourish your skin. This traditional bathing ritual leaves your skin tingling.

£70, allow 45 minutes.

Short Journey

Designed to give you a taste of our longer Journeys, the Scarlet Spa’s short Journeys offer an introduction to the power of Ayurveda and involve a 15 minute consultation to identify any imbalances in your dosha followed by a tailored therapeutic massage.

£85, allow 60 mins.

Hot Poultice Massage

This powerful treatment uses hot steamed poultices to rhythmically massage the body. The warmth of the poultice opens up your pores and relaxes your muscles helping to release deep-seated aches and pains while the herbs inside the poultice nourish your skin.

£105 full body, allow 75 minutes / £85 part body, allow 45 minutes.


This transformational Ayurvedic therapy begins with a 15 minute consultation to identify your imbalances. Settle in with a soothing Mukabhayanga facial massage, followed by the continuous pouring of oil that is a Shirodhara. Combining massage then oil pouring, it is incredibly nurturing, promoting the release of tension and blocked emotions. Suited to those who suffer with headaches, fatigue, nervousness and insomnia this
treatment will bring more vibrancy to your senses and clarity to your mind, to help you feel like ‘you’ again.

£125, allow 90 mins.

The Sarvanga abhyanga

A step away from what we know as traditional massage techniques. The Sarvanga abhyanga is a sumptuous full body massage treatment, where every stroke is in the direction from head to toe. The particular pace, positions and warmed herbal oils are designed to replenish and enable you to break free from mental over-activity, exhaustion and fatigue to find that well deserved good night’s sleep.

Combining the peace and calm of a Scarlet Spa moment with ancient techniques and the vast collective knowledge of the therapies team, this wonderfully effective therapy can be booked as a standalone treatment with a specifically trained therapist.

90 minutes £125

Scarlet Facial Therapy. Discover some surprising benefits; unlock neck tension, release stress from jaw and cheekbones, feel the relaxation through your whole body.

Mukabhyanga – Facial Massage

Working on the face, neck and head, this therapy involves applying firm pressure to lift facial muscles. Massage to marma points increases energy flow and eases problem lines giving you a visible natural facelift.
Facial Massage £55, allow 30 minutes.

Soundaryam Vardhini – Ayurvedic Facial

This facial uses Ayurvedic wild-crafted herbs and spices – including sandalwood and neem – to eliminate toxins and nourish the skin. A marma point facial massage releases tension, encourages energy flow between head and body and finishes with an invigorating cold compress.
Ayurvedic Facial £85, allow 60 minutes.

Shilajita Mumiyo – Rejuvenating Facial

This traditional Ayurvedic facial uses soft poultices filled with herbs. By stimulating vital marma points, it reduces facial tension leaving you with a bright, nourished complexion. This facial targets the signs of ageing, combating fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging skin rehydration.
Rejuvenating Facial £85, allow 60 minutes.

True – the Scarlet Sensory Massage and Facial

We know the skin is precious and so have intertwined this facial with a hand treatment designed to nourish these hard working areas. A delectable mix of citrus, pomegranate, rosemary and basil will encourage you to breathe new life into your skin and deeply restore. Our therapeutic roots in Ayurveda are brought into the therapy working on marma points around the jaw and cheekbones to release tension to encourage a naturally lifted glow. Beautiful, natural products will not only care for your skin but also delight your senses with interesting textures and temperatures leaving you feeling refreshed and luminous. £110, allow 60 minutes.

Honest – A Scarlet Facial Therapy

Feel the power of pure, raw and organic essential oils to quicken your senses and relax, cleanse and nourish your skin, mind and emotions. The focus of this Scarlet signature range including rosehip, raspberry and pomegranate seed, vitamin c polish and a raw cucumber mask. A consultation, foot soak, aromatherapy bowl, dry back massage and your choice of a scalp, hand or foot massage are all woven seamlessly around your facial, which finishes with a fruit juice shot. A super food experience for your skin, your head and your heart. £130, allow 90 minutes.


Enjoy these in your hotel room, the Light Relaxation Space, outdoors on a balcony or anywhere on the Scarlet grounds.

“Break free from convention, feel the breeze in your hair.”

Scarlet Hand Ritual

Feel delightfully refreshed by this ritual, which uses re-mineralizing salts and a hand mask to leave your hands feeling soft and nourished. An arm and hand massage relieves tension. £85, allow 60 minutes / £95, allow 75 minutes with polish

Scarlet Foot Ritual

Give your hardworking feet an overdue treat, this involves a deeply relaxing footbath with exfoliating salt scrub followed by a foot wrap and massage of the lower legs and feet. £85, allow 60 minutes/ £95, allow 75 minutes with polish.

Shirobhyanga – Ayurvedic Head Massage

A head, neck and arm massage used in India for centuries to release muscular tension. Ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp promoting hair growth and releasing tensions associated with migraine, headache and neck stiffness. £55, allow 30 minutes

Padabhyanga – Lower Leg & Foot Massage

The Ayurvedic alternative to reflexology, this foot treatment starts with a firm massage of the lower leg followed by a marma point foot massage using deep pressure techniques to release energy blocks, improve circulation and increase energy. £55, allow 30 minutes.

Ayurvedic Consultation

This is an opportunity for you to have a chat with one of our holistic therapists, gain insight into Ayurveda and how it can enhance your wellbeing. Discover your dosha type and come away with tips for a more balanced life-style. £30, allow 30 mins.

Scarlet Hotel Cornwall fan illustration

To enquire or book please email us at spa@scarlethotel.co.uk or call 01637 861 861, our reservation team is available from 8:30am – 7:30pm every day.