Our new sea view cedar sauna

By December 30, 2015SPA

We’re excited to announce a new arrival at the Scarlet—an outdoor, cedar wood barrel sauna.

You’ll find it snuggled into the cliff side just near the hot tubs. With beautiful porthole windows looking out onto the beach – it offers a new place to sit and enjoy the view below.

The sauna is made of cedar wood, which creates a wonderful, natural aroma as the wood heats. Being outside it also offers an amazing heat contrast from the chilly outdoor air to the dry heat of the barrel sauna inside. After several minutes spent in the heat of the sauna you can then cool down in our indoor pool – or if you’re feeling brave, take the plunge in our beautifully cold reed-filtered outdoor pool.

The health and social benefits of a sauna are extensively researched, but a few of our favourite reasons to spend some time in this lovely red cedar sauna are:

  • A healthy sweat everyday helps remove toxins from the body, cleansing the skin and helping to fight disease,
  • Improves cardiovascular performance encouraging a healthy heart,
  • Helps to relieve muscle tension and soothes aches in muscles and joints,
  • Just leaves you feeling really good.

The new cedar wood sauna is open to both hotel guests and spa day guests to enjoy whenever you like during your stay and comfortably seats six at a time. Take a towel with you to sit on, and some water to hydrate. Open from 9am to 8pm, there is no need to book, just pop in.

For more information about the Scarlet Spa, take a look at our spa pages.