Natural Wisdom organic skincare

By June 18, 2014SPA

Natural Wisdom skincare was the natural choice where designing the Scarlet Spa’s new signature Honest Sensory Facial. The cleansers, clarifying gels, toners and moisturizers are like little ampoules of pure, raw super food for your skin – leaving you feeling beautifully cleansed, nourished and revitalised. We find out how…

Homeopath and mum Maeve Smith has been pouring her passion for ecology, herbal medicine and nutrition into beautiful little bottles since 2007, when she launched her Natural Wisdom skincare range.

She was spurred into action when she realised how many brands were bandying about the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ while killing off the goodness in their ingredients by formulating them at high temperatures and diluting them with cheap fillers.

Maeve uses food-quality essential oils that are cold pressed or C02 extracted. This way, her ingredients retain their vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and the production process is kind to the environment, too.

Why Natural Wisdom skincare products?

“The products are 100% free of the cheap fillers and nonsense ingredients most other brands use to bulk out their products,” she says.

That means they won’t clog on the surface of your skin. All that raw, power can penetrate the epidermis to nourish the dermis below.

“I started out creating skincare products for myself,” she says, “because I wanted natural organic skincare that offered visible results, not chemicals, cheap weak fillers, expensive prices and exaggerated marketing.”

Did you know that many skincare products are 95% bulking agents such as water, wax emulsifiers and sunflower oil?

“These weak, cheap, highly-refined ingredients offer little, if any, benefit to offer our skin,” she says.

Her mission began when she wanted to take her three children aged six, nine and 11 to Ecuador for three months, but didn’t fancy dosing them up on chemical-heavy anti-malaria medication, sunscreen and insect repellents.

So she got to work researching alternatives.

“The research took me six months. I wanted to find products that would do the job without doing any damage, but ended up making a lot of my own products.

“I’d studied chemistry, so it was a natural step for me to research the ingredients in greater depth.

“I dug very deep to find out what made these ingredients work so well on people’s skin and to find ways of getting the same, or better, results without resorting to unwanted ingredients.”

Off the family went to South America with Maeve’s skin care products, and they worked. Friends they were travelling with relying on big brand drugs, sunscreens and repellents fell foul of various illnesses, while Maeve and her family remained healthy on her homemade remedies.

“By the time we came back to the UK, I was besotted with everything about ingredients formulations.”

Maeve spent two years working on her formulations trying different emulsifiers. She was desperate to cold blend her products, but found at first they came out feeling and looking like strings of snot – not very marketable.

“I just had to work with it and experiment. Finally, I managed to make my moisturizers look and feel like normal wax moisturizers you buy, but without actually having any of the clogging ingredients.

“This way, customers don’t have to give anything up. They don’t have to change. They expect skincare products to look and feel a certain way, and now I can deliver. My products don’t feel weird to them.”

Experience the power of Maeve’s power-packed raw products for yourself with a Scarlet Honest Sensory Facial.

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