A sustainable Christmas gift edit, curated by the Scarlet


Christmas is a time of thoughtful giving. Slowly searching for the exactlyright present. Thinking hard about what someone might need. Delicately wrapping gifts with care and love. But Christmas gifting can also be a time of thinking about our community and planet. Shopping small, helping local artisans, and supporting sustainably-minded businesses are all good ways to give back with your gifts. Ready for your recycled wrapping paper, here’s a small list of mindful gift recommendations from the Scarlet. Your recipient will be even more moved by your thoughtfulness.

Sustainable versions of Christmas classics

(Because we all need socks sometimes.)

Cups and tableware by Dor and Tan

A true fixture of Christmas giving: the humble mug. We’re particular taken by the local potters at Hayle-based Dor and Tan. Their aim is to go against the mass-market disposability of contemporary consumer goods. Instead, they want to bring beautiful, tactile finishes into more people’s homes and hands. They also use as much green energy as they can, while understanding the importance of making things last. (If you’re feeling especially generous, maybe combine with a fresh roast from sustainable Cornish coffee roasters Yallah.)

Body wash by the Scarlet | 250ml Oula bottles from £12.95

Giving body wash can be a thoughtful gift. Designed in-house by our spa therapists, Oula’s the result of much care and attention. Not only the highest-qualities ingredients, but also the most ethically-sourced. Oula is sustainable, fairly-traded, locally-made — and it smells unlike anything else. If you’ve stayed here, you’ll instantly recognise that rich, nourishing scent of lavender, rosemary and patchouli. No surprise then that we’ve recently had many people recently writing to us asking if we can send bottles their way. Here’s your way of having a little bit of the Scarlet at home. 

Socks by Surfers Against Sewage | £6.00 a pair

Available in both size for men and women, these socks from local environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage are made from 100% bamboo. Not just a comfortable pair of socks, this is also a novel way of supporting crucial environmental work. Cornwall-based Surfers Against Sewage first began as, well… surfers against sewage, a small group of wave riders fed up of heading into Cornwall’s waters and coming back onto land covered in gunk. Since beginning, they haven’t stopped campaigning: they now argue also for better water quality, battle against plastic pollution and greatly help to heighten overall ecological awareness. We think their work is truly important: at the Scarlet, we contribute to SAS’s work through our guest giving scheme.

For the home and garden

(Small, careful objects for the house that respect the planet.)

Wooden designs from Tom Raffield

With great focus on the natural materiality of wood, Tom Raffield designs flowing and twisting light fixtures here in Cornwall. Their manufacturing process isn’t energy-intensive, instead focusing on simple handcraftsmanship and older techniques that eschew harmful chemicals. Naturally, the wood itself is sourced sustainably too. Their designs include not only their famous lights, but also coat hooks, planters and mirrors. P.S. If you’ve eaten at the Scarlet Restaurant, then you know Tom Raffield’s work — our sinuous light fixtures are their own steam bent designs.

Fairly-traded homewares from Nkuku 

Based just across the Tamar in Devon, Nkuku is a homeware company inspired by the skills of artisans across the world. Focused on sustainability, the company supports smaller enterprises through the 10 Principles Of Fair Trade and their own schemes. Nkuku’s carefully-sourced goods have a fine handmade quality, prioritising the use of sustainable materials such as hemp, rattan and jute. We particularly like the atmospheric colours of the Ngolo T-Light, their selection of fair trade jewellery pieces, and these paper journals carefully handmade in India from recycled cotton rags.

Insect and bird-friendly additions from Green&Blue

Along the coast in Perranporth, B Corp-certified Green&Blue create innovative designs that undo years of harmful designs that have ignored the needs of our nonhuman neighbours. The team’s perhaps best known for the Bee Brick, a brick set with a pattern of open oculi that give bees a place to rest (the BeePot incorporates this into a plant pot). Other products include bird feeders and bird baths that are set in incredible modern style.

Stored-away time at the Scarlet

(A quiet eco-hotel to come and be amongst nature.)

Gift vouchers for the Scarlet | From £25

Since opening, the Scarlet’s been a place to try on a way of living more in tune with nature. Large windows that catch the coastal scene, local food that’s grown with care, a spa that’s near to the crashing waves. We carefully minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainable living.

Scarlet gift vouchers

The story of the Scarlet slippers


‘Love me, don’t leave me’

It’s tradition for a luxury hotel to lavish plenty of single-use items to its guests – disposable toothbrushes, miniature bottles of shampoo, the soap bar that’s used once then goes in the bin.

Here at the Scarlet, though, we have a healthy suspicion of tradition and like nothing more than challenging tired ideas of luxury.

We knew we wanted to avoid single-use items, but tripped up when it came to our slippers. They were vital to the luxury, home-from-home atmosphere we wanted to create, but we didn’t like the amount of packaging, where they were made, or the single-use nature of your average hotel slipper.

So, we set out to find beautiful slippers to fit our  Scarlet eco ethos and we soon discovered Kaaita slippers, each pair are made of six recycled plastic bottles, they’re machine washable,  recyclable and are perfectly ergonomic.  The minimal packaging leaves plenty of room for us to add our own ‘love me, don’t leave me’ label to encourage guests to take them home to prolong their use.

Being more sustainable is our culture, and our teams are always looking for ways to improve this, we now have 111 ways in which the Scarlet is sustainable.


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We all like to think that we have the ability to be spontaneous but few of us are, and some people think of it as akin to chaos in an otherwise well-ordered world. The art of spontaneity itself is really the ability to release control and let-go. Planned outcomes can still be a factor but you don’t mind the journey you take to get there.

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