We’re currently rejoicing in the knowledge that British Summer Time is just around the corner. The clocks spring forward an hour on 30th March giving us an extra hour of daylight in the evening. The Scarlet team have all been waiting in anticipation for this time to arrive, as it opens up all sorts of possibilities for the evenings ahead.

Here’s what we’ll be doing with our extra hour of daylight:

  • Going for a run on the clifftop after work. You almost forget how tired your legs are feeling as you watch the waves crashing below you – Emma
  • My partner and I pack a picnic for our tea and drive to the coast. Then we park up, take the top down and tuck in whilst watching the sun go down – Nikki
  • The pilot gig rowing season starts when the clocks go forward, so I’ll be rowing a beautiful wooden boat through the ocean with six other gig rowers – Hannah
  • I go outside to do yoga on the beach. We’ve also started free evening yoga classes in the studio at the Scarlet – so it will be lovely to do these in the daylight – Steph
  • Having a glass of wine out on the Scarlet terrace – Lisa
  • After work I like to borrow Jasper and take him out for a walk on Mawgan Porth beach – it’s really special when the sun begins to set – Erica
  • The extra hour is a great time to spend outside, checking to see what plants are beginning to grow and will soon be ready for foraging – Adam
  • We’ll be taking the kayak out into the bay, putting a line out to try to catch a mackerel for tea – Tessa
  • When the clocks go forward, it means we’re one step closer to all the amazing spring produce which is really exciting – Tom
  • I love to have a game of tennis after work, or an evening run – there’s a great run that you can take through all the trees behind Mawgan Porth which then takes you out onto the beach – Meeche
  • I’ll be listening to frogs croaking in the garden whilst planting seedlings and sipping white wine for my extra hour – Caroline

What will you be doing with your extra hour?