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Warm Leek and Artichoke Salad

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Warm salad of leeks with Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips and crispy quail eggs

We are always serving warm vegetable salads in the restaurant. They are constantly changing depending on the time of year and availability of ingredients. It is vital that you use the freshest and best quality vegetables you can get your hands on. Although this dish looks fairly simple, there are a number of elements to it which makes it a slightly challenging dish to bring together.

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Cornish Fairings

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Cornish fairings are sweet and spicy ginger biscuits that have been enjoyed in Cornwall for over a century and are a firm favourite with coffee at the Scarlet. Fairing used to be the name for any edible treat bought at a fair and the Cornish version became famous in Victorian times.

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Paul and Tim’s #scarletmoment

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“Probably the most special moment was when Tim and I stood at the top of the stairs on our own and looked down at our friends and family, all together, enjoying themselves in this wonderful setting.

“We had this immense moment of how special it all was. Everyone had come together to celebrate us being together, and there was all this love in the room.

“It was extremely humbling and touching.”

Photograph by Anil Tohani