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Genevra Fletcher

Scarlet Guide to Autumn

The Grown-Ups Guide to: Romantic Autumn Breaks In Cornwall


We have a confession to make. This may sound like seasonal sacrilege, but we’re secretly excited when it comes time to say: ‘Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn’.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate Cornwall’s sun-bleached Summer days, the happy, busy beaches, the turquoise seas and long, light Summer evenings.
We do.
But we know Autumn in Cornwall is just as special.

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Coffee plants growing on a South American mountainside.

Coffee: From South American Mountainside to Your Mug

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It takes about 10 minutes, tops, to enjoy a cup of coffee. Have you ever wondered, though, how long it takes to transform a bean on a bush on a sun-drenched slope somewhere in South America into the hot, enlivening elixir in your cup?

We did.

And while we had vague ideas about how it all happened – bushes being tended and pruned, beans being picked, dried, ground and roasted – we were hazy on the details. So we asked our friends at Origin Coffee, the Cornish company that supplies us with the delightful decoction we serve, to tell us exactly what goes into producing our favourite beverage and help us plot our coffee’s journey from farm to mug.



Romantic Ways to Propose

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Spring, being the season of hope and new beginnings, seems a fitting time to pop the question. And, if you’re thinking of proposing, you may be worrying about how best to ask in a thoughtful and tasteful way that doesn’t fall into being awkward or formulaic. How do you say the words ‘will you marry me?’ in a way that truly reflects who you are as a couple?

Here is our guide to give you a little inspiration to make your proposal truly memorable for you both:

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Top tips for a lovely foot massage

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A little foot massage goes a long way when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Massaging your whole foot – your heel, instep, arch, toes etc – can spread the relaxing effects to your entire body. So, a gentle and fluid massage of the soles of your feet, arches and toes could help to soothe your entire nervous system.

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Yoga Poses for Spring

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Spring is in the air. Time to unfurl ourselves from cold, dark winter and embrace the lighter, warmer and longer days. Kate, one of our resident yoga teachers, has put together this simple sequence of three postures (asanas) to help. This sequence is easy to follow, even for a beginner, and will help to wake up, warm up and energise your body while opening you to the new season.
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