Scarlet Spa Treatments

Treatments are available only to our residents. If you would like to visit us as a day spa guest, please see our day spa page.

Seaweed bath (for couples, individuals or friends) £35 per bath allow 30 mins

Our detoxifying seaweed baths use the natural power of organic hand-harvested seaweed to moisturise your skin and improve circulation. Take your bath in one in your own room or in our couple’s suite.

Hot tub (for couples or individuals) £15 per bath allow 30 mins

A cliff top hot tub is an experience to remember. Soak your aching muscles in water heated to the perfect temperature and gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean.

Rhassoul (for couples or friends) £55 allow 45 mins

Scrub yourselves down with an invigorating salt scrub, then enjoy the long-forgotten childhood pleasure of slathering each other in mineral-rich mud that will give your skin a boost. Relax in the private rhassoul steam room to open your pores, then let yourself be showered down, leaving your skin smooth and tingling and your muscles warm and unwound.

Hammam for two (for couples or friends) £55pp 45 mins

Experience the age-old pleasure of giving each other a good scrub down. Our wonderfully warm hammam opens your pores and relaxes your muscles. Scrub each other all over with a rehydrating salt scrub then sluice each other down with warm water. Splash around as much as you like.

Hammam for one £55 allow 45 mins

This revitalising treatment is carried out on a heated hammam bed and begins with a full body scrub followed by the application of mineral-rich mud to cleanse and nourish your skin. This traditional bathing ritual leaves your skin tingling.

Voya organic seaweed leaf wrap £95 allow 90 mins

An amazing therapy – imagine yourself wrapped head-to-toe in seaweed leaf. We use the finest seaweed, harvested by hand from the ocean to preserve a high content of bio-actives. This treatment detoxifies, firms and softens the skin, is excellent for reducing cellulite and helping skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Hot poultice massage £95 full body, allow 75 mins / £65 part body, allow 45 mins

This powerful treatment uses hot steamed poultices to rhythmically massage the body. The warmth of the poultice opens up your pores and relaxes your muscles helping to release deep-seated aches and pains while the herbs inside the poultice nourish your skin.